XMAX V3 Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer Review


XMAX V3 Pro is a portable vaporizer that is a perfect pick for flower and works well for concentrates. The convection heating-based vaporizer has a very slim, cylindrical body. It features a removable and chargeable 18650 battery. The vaporizer is an upgrade from XMAX V2. Currently, it is available in three colors.

XMAX V3 Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

These include black, silver and blue. In this brief, we will analyze the XMAX V2’s performance from various aspects and will try to figure out if it is a vaporizer that you should invest in.


The design of the XMAX V3 Pro vaporizer’s box is quite simple, in contrast to some of the flashier products out there. It contains the device; the battery, a cleaning brush, USB-type C charging cable, a wax cup, cotton swabs, alcohol pads and an instruction manual are installed.


The wax cup is used for vaporizing dabs. Again, we must add that overall, the whole composition of the package is quite simple. XMAX seems to be following practicality over flashiness, and this approach seems to be working for the brand.


Now, let us shift our focus to the main features of this product. The XMAX V3 Pro vaporizer works on the principle of convection heating. It is a good pick for 4-6 minutes sessions. However, the device also features an on-demand heating mode.

If you are not a complete novice to the field, you might have seen vape mods with bright, alluring OLED screens. The good news is that XMAX V3 Pro also features one such screen, which elevates its status in the league of vaporizers by a certain degree.

What are the physical dimensions of the device? Well, this vaporizer weighs around 105 grams and is 150 mm high, 25 mm wide, and 23 mm thick. It features a battery door that holds on magnetically.

The overall feel of the device in hand is a sturdy one. But this sturdy feel doesn’t distract one from the nice feel of glass mouthpiece and water pipe adapter pieces.

The weight of the herb chamber is 0.15 grams; it is crafted using stainless steel. It is pertinent to mention that the glass water pipe adapter and glass mouthpieces are sold separately. Most users who went with the purchase shared that it was worth spending the extra bucks.

What else, hmm. Well, the heat-up time for this herbal vaporizer is between 15-25 seconds. The temperature range for the device is 100°– 220°C. The device has plus and minus buttons, which can help control the temperature. Passthrough charging is another device feature that is worth noting in your diary.

Using XMAX V3 Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer

You will become a fan of the interface, no worries. It is very user-friendly, which is always a massive plus. As to how you can use the XMAX V3 Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer, the first thing you need to ensure is that you have the device fully charged before you use it.


Then, please load up the herb chamber with 0.15 grams of flower after removing the magnetic mouthpiece.

Pro tip: Packaging the bud tightly will restrict the airflow greatly, don’t do that! 

Once you have loaded the flower, please press the power button three times to turn the device on. You must press the power and down buttons to switch the device from Fahrenheit to Celsius mode. Make use of the up and down buttons to adjust the on-screen temperature.

Now for the most crucial bit: this device needs longer draws for maximum vapor output! To ensure an optimal experience, please brush the chamber and screen after every session with this vaporizer.


Let us start with the flower experience first, shall we? Because the chamber holds only 0.15 grams, you will probably have to do more than just one session as a pro vaper. It sounds a tad annoying, but it gives quite a mind-blowing experience. And if you want to upgrade the experience, you can consider the glass mouthpiece upgrade.

Also, remember the crucial piece of information we shared in the previous section? Extensive draws! The reason behind these extensive draws is the fundamental principle of convection heating.

Of course, the device has an option for concentrates. But perhaps, a device such as a dab pen would be a better option if you have concentrates. We say so because you are not likely to get a lot of clouds but a decent flavor anyways. We are happy to give a thumbs up to the on-demand mode and water-pipe adapter.

Battery Life and Charging

Some of you have been waiting for the verdict on the battery life from the start; we know it! Well, the replaceable 18650 battery that this vaporizer features can easily get ten bowls when fully charged.

If you go ahead with this product, perhaps, purchasing an external charger (and a spare one, too) will not be a bad idea. The charging time for this device is around three hours approximately.

Cleaning XMAX V3 Pro

One of the key questions that must be asked whenever looking for a vaporizer is: how easy is it to clean it? Well, maintaining and cleaning the device is easy, especially since it comes with brush and cotton swabs.

Concerning the mouthpiece and chamber, cleaning the device is easy when it is warm. It is a wise move to remove the screen and ceramic chamber before you proceed to clean the mouthpiece.

Final Verdict

That’s all for now, folks. We wish we could have gone on a bit more and shared further insights on the XMAX V3 Pro dry herb vaporizer; it is quite an exciting device.  It is certainly an impressive gadget so, if you were looking for something dandy and handy, perhaps, this vaporizer is just for you.