Why Is Your Vape Pen Not Charging?


If your pen isn’t charging, you just can’t do anything with it, can you? Well, it’s an unfortunate situation that vapers can often experience. However, the good news is that this isn’t a problem that requires you to replace the vape pen completely. Well, in most cases, that is the case! More often than not, the problem is fixable because the device and the battery are perfectly OK. It is very rare that a pen that isn’t charging needs replacement.

So, keeping in mind that most novices don’t understand the reasons behind their vape pen suddenly not charging, we decided to devise a step-by-step guide for them. So, if you are struggling to understand why your vape has suddenly given up on charging, this brief is just for you! 

How Well Do You Understand Your Vape Pen?

Understanding your vape pen is the first step you need to take when vape pen troubleshooting. Often, a vape pen device typically has an indicator light; you just cannot miss it. You should be talking to this indicator light all the time. It is your friend if you like to think of it that way!

This indicator light will tell you what you need to do. Vape pens often come with indicator lights that work in several different ways. Some vape pens often come with red lights when charging and turn green when the charging is complete.

On the other hand, some devices come with lights that are on when the device is charging and turn off when the charging is complete. Then, other devices pulsate when they are charging and turn to a solid color when the charging is complete.

So, if you have been using an old device and your new device isn’t working, just like the previous device, there is nothing to worry about. Just read the instruction manual, and you will understand the device’s functionality without trouble. 

Charging But Not Lighting? We’ve Got You! 

Nearly all vape pens feature lights that turn on when the device is charging. So, we will take that as standard and proceed to a situation where you connect your vape pen to your computer, but it still doesn’t light up.

The obvious meaning here is that the device isn’t charging. Now, there is nothing to panic about straight away. There is a good chance that your battery is fully charged; no light blinks in such a scenario. But what is the best way to figure that out? Just remove the vape pen from the charging cable and give it a go. If you can wait, then everything is fine. However, if not, there is a problem, and the device might have been turned off. 

How to go about this problem? Turn your vape pen on and off by pressing the button five times, at least in a quick manner. What if this doesn’t work? In cases where you’re using a removable battery device, you can open up your device and ensure the battery is in the proper orientation. Ensure that the terminals are well placed. If you can see that the battery is aligned properly and there is nothing wrong with it, in your opinion, then, my friend, it is time to replace the vape pen completely! 

Lighting But Not Charging? We’ve Still Got You!

On the other hand, you might face a situation where your weapon is not charging at all, but your lights are blinking like mad. So, what are you going to do then? As we all know, vape pens often have USB charging ports. Most of them do not use the charging cables anymore! However, there are some devices out there that still use a charger. Hence, it is important to understand your battery charger’s charging light first.

Usually, a red light on your charger indicates that your charger is charging the battery all OK. Nothing wrong there, you can relax! In relation to that, the green light on weapons is often indicative of a complete charge. Now, you must be sure that you are connecting your charging cables to the proper computer port, not to any random adapters. Also, what can help your cause is ensuring that the vape pen and charger are completely clean. After ticking all these boxes, a battery replacement is on the cards if the vape pen is still not charging!

Charging Vape Pens 101

We know this sounds a little odd! But if one does not know how to charge a vape pen properly, then the person in question will likely continue experiencing minor problems and panicking.

The first thing is what we like to call the golden rule of vape pen charging; one must always charge vaping devices with a USB port by connecting them to computers. They can top up a battery charge efficiently. If you are connecting your vape pen to unauthorized charging slots, your device will heat up. And overheating often translates into a shortening of the battery life.

There might come a time when your battery will not charge at all, and you will be rereading these lines. So, take due steps in advance and don’t let that time haunt your vape pen.

Some users use devices with the removable battery full in that case; batteries can be taken out and charged in an external charger. Then, cleaning the charging port and the cable or replacing the charging cable are entirely some options you can consider in this context. Connection plates can be troublesome too, sometimes. 

Have You Thought About Replacing Your Pen? 

So there you are. We all have heard amazing tales about the longevity of lithium-ion batteries. But the truth is that a vape pen battery has a lot of charging to do, especially if it is in possession of a passionate vaper.

So, a vape pen’s battery can decrease significantly after one year’s use. If that dark day comes, you have no option but to replace your vape pen completely! On that rather grim note, we bid you farewell from this space!