What is the Difference Between RBA, RDA, RTA & RDTA?

Regardless of the exponential growth the vaping industry has seen in the last few years, there are still many complicated things to overwhelm the newcomers. From its endless list of jargon to its different tools, the world of the vaping industry can indeed feel like a puzzling maze for those who are just starting.

We understand how nerve-wracking this can become for anyone, especially if you have opted for vaping as a means to quit smoking. Out of all the things, the choice of vape tanks directly escorts your vaping experience. If you choose the right one, you can have a fantastic experience, but things can go downhill really fast if you make the wrong selection.

But hey, we have got you covered because, in this article, we will provide you with the most comprehensive guide to choose the most suitable vape tanks. We will be focusing on Atomizers, the most in-demand RBA tanks.

We will discuss its different types like RDA, RBA, RTA, and RDTA. 

But before we dissect the topic any further, let’s first understand what atomizers are?

What is an Atomizer?

HorizonTech Falcon II Sub-ohm Tank

To define atomizers in the simplest terms, we can define atomizers as:

“A vape device which transforms e-liquid into vapor form.”

The Atomizer is more like an engine room present on top of your vape. Its job is to convert the e-liquid into delicious vapors for you to inhale. So you can say that Atomizer is basically the glue that holds the entire vape together.

Structure of an Atomizer

The structure of a tank atomizer consists of the following ingredients:

  • It has a couple of terminals, one positive and the other negative.
  • Besides these, the atomizers also have a coil made up of wires used to connect both terminals and wicking material

How Does an Atomizer Work?

The process atomizers employ to change the liquid into vapors is straightforward, and for the ease of our readers, we will describe it in four steps.

  1.   The e-juice is dipped over the coils.
  2.   The power is switched on, and as a result, the coils start to heat up.
  3.   The heated coils begin to change the liquid into vapors.
  4.   Now it’s your turn to enjoy the delicious vapors by inhaling through the mouthpiece attached at the top of the Atomizer.

Categories of Atomizers

Atomizers are generally divided into three different categories

  1.   Disposable Atomizers,
  2.   Replaceable Coil Head
  3.   Rebuildable Atomizers or RBA

What is an RBA?

UB Pro RBA Head

RBA is also called rebuildable atomizers, and just as the name suggests, they are those atomizers you can build by yourself. RBA is an umbrella term used for specific types of atomizers that support a deck where coils or builds are mounted.

The RBA’s are further divided into four more types:

Benefits of Using RBA?

Though RBAs are more like DIY atomizers, which makes them very handy, their most prominent feature would be the customizing options available for coils to achieve a resistance that you desire. You have the option to adjust vape up to their preference.

Besides this, you can also build coils on your own, which can reduce the costs substantially when you go out to buy the already made coils.

Categories of RBA

The RBA is further divided into three more types which are:

  1.   RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
  2.   RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer
  3.   RDTA Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer

Let’s dig deeper to learn what they mean.

What is RTA?

OXVA Arbiter Solo RTAThe rebuildable tank atomizers come with a posted deck platform that is capsulated inside a sealed chamber made of metal. This is surrounded by a tank that contains the liquid.

The chamber’s top is joined with a passage or chimney that transports the vapors towards the drip tip.

The buildup pressure forces the liquid into the tank and then to the chamber cap. From there, the fluid passes through several channels around the coil deck, and after this, the soaking wick ends are placed through these channels. After this, the liquid is passed onto the coil for vaporization through the simple method of diffusion.

Pros of Using an RTA

  • Economical to use
  • User friendly
  • Range of Customization for coil builds.

Cons of Using an RTA Tank

  • RTA can be used only if you know how to replace and build coils.
  • To add new flavors, you have to empty the tank every time and also clean it.

What is an RDA?


The rebuildable dripping atomizers have a deck along with posts used for fastening the coils and providing a safe route for the electric energy of batteries to heat the coils. The RDA’s don’t have any tanks to store the liquid. Instead, the liquid is directly dropped down onto the coil or the wick by removing the cap.

Some models do have a small tank below the coil assembly to hold a tiny amount of liquid. The RDA is generally considered the best among other atomizers, and that is because of the pure and mystic vapor it produces.

Pros of Using an RDA

  • Creates great and delicious vapors with a strong flavor.
  • Very cost-effective as the coils and cotton are both very cheap to buy.
  • It supports customizable coils for you to be creative.
  • Easily used and managed.
  • Marvelous and durable performance

Cons of Using an RDA

  • Not a storage tank to store e-liquid but only a tiny space.
  • Beginners can have difficulty with wicking.
  • E-liquid has to be dripped continuously, which can become a nuisance.
  • The initial investment to buy RDA is very high.
  • The user has to be experienced with coil building techniques.

What is an RDTA?

Aspire Nautilus Prime X RDTA

An RDTA or Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer is simply the blend of both RTA and RDA. The RTDAs can contain the liquid, but they also do not require you to drip the liquid onto coils constantly, and they also don’t support any chimney system that produces more dispersed vapors.

RDTAs are not used commonly, and now, with the inception of squonk mods, they are somewhat obsolete as they give better-flavored vapors and have bigger liquid tanks.

Bottom Line

These are the three most common types of RBAs you will find in the vaping industry. If you use the RBAs properly and clean them frequently almost every week, you can undoubtedly have a long run with them. Whether you choose RDA or RTA OR RTDA, one thing is guaranteed you will be vaping with enjoyment and will have a fantastic experience!