What is a Vape Pen? Different Types and How to Use It Properly

Since hitting the markets as an alternative for old-school cigarettes, vape pens have been a raging success among teens and young adults. Many people find traditional cigarettes inconvenient because of the smoke it emits, making it unpleasant for people around them and its bitter taste. Being an iteration of the original electronic cigarettes, vape pens owe their popularity to their fruitful taste and lack of smoke.

Once you decide to get a vape pen, you will be dazzled by the choices you have. There are several different kinds of vapor pens available in the market, and picking the right one can make you feel like you are in over your head. 

What makes vapor pens so desirable is that they are easy to use, highly portable, discreet, and better for the environment than their predecessors. So, please keep reading to learn about a vape pen, its types, and how to use this vaping device!

What is a Vape Pen?

Vape pens or vapor pens are battery-operated devices that heat a vapor tank or a cartridge to produce a vapor that people can inhale. This vapor contains various ingredients such as nicotine, CBD, flavors, and other chemicals.

Contrary to the name, these devices can vary in their appearance. To maintain discretion, their looks range from a traditional cigarette to everyday items like pens, USB sticks, or bubble gum. However, regardless of their design, their anatomy and mechanism stay the same.

How Do They Work?

The mechanism of vaping is based on the phenomenon of vaporization. Vape devices use battery power to heat a liquid inside the cartridge or vapor tank that contains different ingredients. The heat converts this liquid into aerosol particles. During vaping, the user inhales these particles and gets the substance they want out of the vapors.

What sets electronic cigarettes strikingly apart from traditional cigarettes is that the former doesn’t require burning tobacco and hence can be good for the environment. 

Different Types of Vapor Pens

In the last decade, vape pens have made remarkable progress in their structure and use. Vaping technology is constantly upgraded whenever someone comes up with a creative idea that may make the process easier, more fun, healthier, or more discreet. Here, we will dive into the vast world of vape pens and their striking features. 

1) Cartridge Pens/Dab Pens

When it comes to cartridge pens, one thing to know is that the tank is replaceable. This is a helpful feature since it means that you don’t worry about measuring your e-liquid every time you want to take a spliff. In addition, their mechanism makes it convenient for you to replace the cartridge once you are finished with the first one and go about your business. The best use of dab pens is to consume plant extracts or live resins.

The obvious downside of these pens is the price point. Cartridges are far more expensive than refilling the tank, and hence multiple replacements can burn a hole through your wallet.

2) Oil Pens

This device is ideal for vaping oil or its distillate. You can easily spot them in a shop; they are shaped just like a writing pen. Each pen of such nature comes with a small battery. The battery heats the oil in an atomizer cartridge, which contains both a wick and heating coil. It is this heating that transforms the concentrates into vapors. It is pertinent to mention here that the oils are derived from hemp. What is the significance of this little fact, you may ask? Well, this means that oils are readily available to a broader section of the population.

3) Dab/Wax Vape Pens

Dab pens are by far the best when it comes to functionality. The name indicates that they utilize wax or dab, to deliver a more potent dose than its competitors. In addition, they are rechargeable, battery-operated devices that vaporize concentrates of the plant without overheating.

How Do You Use a Vape Pen

Vape pens work effortlessly and straightforwardly. Although there are minor differences in using different kinds of vape pens, the main idea and mechanism remain the same. This guide will help you get the gist of how you can use a vape pen.

Step # 1: Turn On the Pen

The obvious step will be to turn on the battery power of the device. This is usually done by pressing the power button at least five times. The insistent pressing is a protective barrier to ensure that you don’t accidentally turn on the device. Most of the vape pens conveniently light up to indicate that they are now turned on.

Step # 2: Triggering the Atomizer

The next step is to press and hold the power button. This act will get the power flowing to the heating element or atomizer, which will create a vapor. Since the vaping technology has improved significantly, it doesn’t take long for the heating element to generate an aerosol that you can instantly inhale. So as soon as you trigger the atomizer, you will be able to take a hit. 

Step # 3: Turn Off the Pen

Once you have had your dose, you will turn off the power of the pen the same way you turned it on; by pressing the power button five times.


Vape pens are a great innovation in the world of smoking. The ease of use, portability, and discretion make it desirable as compared to old-school cigarettes. However, before you decide to experiment in this niche, it is crucial to gather all the information and know what to expect. Secondly, picking the right kind of pen for you is equally important.

Lastly, keep in mind that the consumption of nicotine, CBD, or a similar substance is the user’s sole responsibility, and due discretion should be taken.