What are Vape Pods?

A Vape pod is an excellent choice for people who wish to transition from traditional cigarettes to pod kits or frequent vapers who want a convenient second device. They’re simple to use right out of the box. Vape pods come in various shapes and sizes, and as with anything, there are benefits and drawbacks to this method of vaping.

Do you think a vape pod is right for you? Let’s have a look

What Are Vape Pods?

Vape pods are small devices that have changeable cartridges. It has a two-part system, a pod for e-liquid, and a battery. Nicotine salts are used in pod vapes, distinguishing them from most other varieties of e-cigarettes.

Pod vapes are designed to function with vape juices that include nic salts, whereas high-powered sub-ohm vapes are built to operate with e-liquids that contain freebase nicotine. Pod vapes are ideal for former cigarette smokers transitioning to e-cigarettes.

What Distinguishes Pod-Based E-Cigarettes From Other E-Cigarettes?

There are many various sorts and forms of electronic cigarettes on the market today.  These goods are small and sleek, and they can resemble a computer flash drive or pen. For example, E-cigarettes with pods are small enough to fit in a fist or a pocket. You can even recharge them by plugging them into a USB port on a laptop.

Types Of Pod System

Vape pods can be divided into two categories

  • Prefilled or closed vape pod. Also known as disposable vape pods. 

A closed vape pod has a cartridge that is already full of e-liquid. You cannot refill the e-liquid; the head cannot be replaced, which means that if the e-liquid in the pod is finished or the head stops working (whichever comes first), the cartridge needs to be replaced. This type of vape pod is low maintenance.

There are no refills which means this is great for smokers who are just starting to switch to vaping as it is much easier to incorporate this type of pod into your daily routine

  • Refillable or open vape pod. Also known as reusable vape pods. 

Open vape pods usually maintain the same style as closed system pod devices. They often have small or inexpensive settings to adjust and are easy to maintain. The pods are refilled by hand with e-liquid.

They are an excellent choice for many vapers; this style of vape pod gives you the freedom to choose with your e-liquid.  They require a little more maintenance but save money in the long run.

How To Use The Pod System?

Pod vapes are some of the most accessible vapes to use. This five-step guide will lay the groundwork for using the many pod vapes on the market.

  • Make sure the battery is fully charged.
  • Fill the vape pod with the e-liquid of your choice if you are using a refillable pod.
  • Wait for at least 5-10 minutes 
  • Insert the pod firmly into the wire. 
  • Adjust the airflow to your preference if you have this choice.
  • Hold the fire button while sniffing and if your pod does not have this option, take deep breaths as if you were a regular cigarette. 

That is all there is to it. Have fun with your vape! If you want to make your pod last longer, make sure it’s always full of juice, or the coil will burn out. Refill or dispose of the fluid when it is nearly empty. Before you need to replace a pod or coil, you may get approximately a week out of a satisfying vape pod.

Vape Pods: How Long Do They Last?

That is mainly dependent on your smoking behaviour. If you only vape a few times a day, you’ll discover that your vape pods last far longer than if you’re a heavy user who vapes for the majority of the day.

Although vape pods have several advantages over other vaping devices like cig-a-likes and vape pens, they also have the disadvantage of holding less liquid than larger devices.

If you’re going to use a vape pod, you’ll have to accept this reality and accept it by packing e-liquid and pods. Fortunately, vape pods are often small, making a backup or two easy to take in a pocket or purse.

Vape Pod; Advantages and Disadvantages


Advantages of using a vape pod are

  • Simple to use and maintain — Vape pods are extremely simple to use and maintain.
  • Lower initial cost — Compared to ordinary e-cigarettes, vape pods, especially closed systems, offer a lower initial price.
  • When vaping a vape pod, the sensation is remarkably similar to smoking. 
  • Disregard – You don’t need massive vapor clouds to be satisfied with your equipment. You can get a pretty subtle vape that is great for all-day use, depending on the vape pod you use.
  • Vape pods are often smaller in size than ordinary e-cigarettes, which means you won’t be hauling anything heavy or unwieldy around with you all day and can be easily fit in a bag or pocket.

Some of the disadvantages include

Some of the cons for using a pod system include

  • Less battery life — Being tiny necessitates a trade-off. The battery in vape pods is usually smaller than in standard vape kits.
  • Less variety – If you choose a prefilled or closed vape pod, you will have fewer options for e-liquid flavor.
  • In the long run, it is less cost-effective — While purchasing a vape pod is usually less expensive at first, maintaining a prefilled pod will be costlier in the long term. Using an open system that can be recharged is far more cost-effective.

Is a Pod System Right for You?

While many other vape device alternatives are tailored to a specific type of vaper, vape pod systems appeal to everyone. They fall between the super-advanced and the super-basic, performing well for vapers on both sides.

After starting with a basic e-cig, some vapers work their way up to a vape pod system, while others make the transition to simplify their vaping experience.

  • For beginners, Vapors – After getting comfortable with an e-cig or basic vape pen, a vape pod system might be a significant next step for new vapers. When learning the basics of vaping, it’s natural for novice vapers to start with the most straightforward option. Still, many people discover that they’re ready to move on to a higher-quality vape experience rather quickly.
  • For Advanced Vapers – A pod system is an excellent option for advanced vapers to cut down on the trouble that comes with high-powered box mods. High-end pod mods frequently come with a vast range of settings and choices, allowing for hours of enjoyable calibration and experimenting. On the other hand, many skilled vapers decide that they’re ready for a no-frills vape experience without sacrificing quality. Even the pickiest vaper will find a vape pod system to be the best of both worlds, making vaping fun and straightforward.
  • For first-timers, a vape pod system can deliver a genuine, cigarette-like sensation without tar, ash, or smoke. The popular draw-activated firing system style recreates the original smoking sensation, making it more accessible for a newcomer.