What Are E-liquid Flavor Concentrates and How to Use Them?


Mixing pre-made e-juices flavors often proves to be a tough nut to crack, and it is not for the lack of trying. Amid all the chatter about getting creative and experimenting innovatively, things often get a little off balance. Like mixing too much sugar or cream in your coffee.

The rough experiences haunt nearly all of us, and by all, we mean people who have a passion for mixing pre-made e-juices!

But creating and experimenting is part of the fun!

Normal gets a little mundane sometimes; fancier, tastier, one of a kind becomes the need of the hour!

But what to do if transforming creativity into a practical form becomes nearly impossible?

That’s where flavor concentrates can help us. Many of you are fascinated by the idea but have very little knowledge of the actual concept. Hence, we decided to discuss the subject matter of e liquid flavor concentrates and how to use them.

A lot to learn from this discussion; let us get going then!

Flavour concentrates: An introduction.

To explain it simply, flavor concentrates are flavouring that gives any e-juice certain flavour profile that all vapers enjoy without the VG and PG. (Flavour concentrates have to be mixed with VG and PG for everyday vaping)

What objective does this approach gives? Well, the possibilty is endless! You can mix your own flavouring that suit your profile or create new flavours that are not even in the market! You want an e-juice that taste like the ice cream you had the other day? YES. It’s possible.

You can control the amount of VG and PG used. More thick e-juice? YES. Thinner consistency? ABSOLUTELY. Your own unique e-juice in your control!

Yes, you can easily purchase a ready-mixed product rather than combine specific flavorings. But what’s the fun in that?

Quite a cool concept, right? The modern-day world is all about creating and experimenting and flavor concentrates are a perfect example!

Let’s equate the pros & cons!

Because we want to present a fair picture, it is best to discuss both pros and cons of the flavor concentrates. It will help you decide whether these are a perfect pick for your everyday vaping!

Starting with the plus points, the biggest plus point with flavor concentrates is mixing the perfect flavour profile for you. But that’s not the only plus; flavor concentrates are quite easy to use and learn. Then, they are quite affordable in terms of price as well, when compared with mass produced e-juices. 1 x 30ml concentrate can make up to 15 x 30ml bottles of e-juice.

Also, consider that flavor concentrates allow you to replicate your favorite flavors that maybe not even in the market anymore. And the icing on the cake is the utility they offer in the context of vaping. More about it in the later sections of the discussion!

As for cons, well, there are not many, but we have to be unbiased. One of the biggest downsides of using flavor concentrates is that learning how to mix them properly. Also, understanding your flavour palette can be tricky sometimes because there are so many concetrates to choose from!

You have to invest a bit of money in the mixing equipment first if you are planning to switch to flavor concentrates forever. However, these cons are not that massively disadvantageous points. If you can put up with them, flavor concentrates are certainly the way!

Flavor concentrates are a perfect pick for vaping!

We said that we were going to discuss the vaping point later, and we are going to do good on our promise now! If you are a pro vaper, you will know that flavor concentrates are designed perfectly for vaping purposes. It is pertinent to mention that most home mixers are nothing but food flavorings redesigned for vaping purposes. And the manufacturers know that!

But despite knowing the difference between food-grade ingredients and vape-grade ingredients, these manufacturing companies continue to sell their products for inhalation purposes.

It is the quality assurance that makes all the difference in the world. There is usually a two-step process for short-fills and flavor concentrates in place. In the first step of this process, screening of ingredients takes place.

Any ingredients that might have carcinogenic or allergic properties are weeded out automatically. In the second stage of the process, a further comprehensive review of the remaining ingredients is carried out. Competent toxicologists carry out this review. This due diligence is mandatory since inhalation of any toxic chemicals can drastically affect.

Don’t do this!

The discussion that we had so far might have given you the idea that flavor concentrates are something that you can vape directly. False, read it in Dwight’s voice! We can tell you that it is an extremely bad idea to vape flavor concentrates directly with one hundred percent surety. What is a good idea then? It would help mix the concentrates with VG and PG before you vape them.

Direct vaping sounds like a bad idea because it will taste extremely gross. The act is not beneficial for the wick health either since it can damage your coil completely.

The question of the right dose!

It is never easy to determine the right dose straight away. Hence, it is advisable to start with a low dose first and see how things go. You can start at a dose as low as 5%. However,15% is deemed as a safe starting point normally.

That’s a commercial recommendation, so that we would mention it here. But in reality, it is your traits and habits which determine the right dose for you. Never take anyone’s word for it; what works for person A might or might not work for person B. Taking the opinion of someone who has a fair bit of experience in flavor concentrates is a good idea. But don’t take their word as the absolute truth.

Experimenting and seeing what works well for you is an important aspect of this whole drill, and we are sure that you will figure out stuff easily.

Final thoughts

So, there you are. We wish we could have gone on a bit more, but the limitations of time and space force us to wrap up this debate here.

The flavor concentrate chapter in the big book on vaping is still being scribbled, and there is a lot that we are learning about this novel concept. However, a lot of information about the ways and methods in which flavor concentrates should be used exist already. The more you read, the more you are going to enjoy them!