Voopoo VMate E Pod Kit Review


The VMate range is one of the most popular kits from the house of VooPoo so far. There are plenty of things to like about this VMate E Pod kit, which is why it has been catching eyeballs recently. Whether it is its full metal design, leather styling, detachable top cap, or convenient, easy-to-use user interface, the VMate E Pod kit is fast becoming the first choice for many pro vapers.

In this VooPoo VMate E Pod Kit review, we will discuss this kit’s design, style, features, and many other specs. What is it that is making this product so popular? Let us try to find it all in the following lines!


Elegance and style are the first two words that pop into your mind when you look at the Voopoo VMate E pod. The kit’s body features a zinc alloy build quality that is given a metal finish. The front panel of the device features a leather finish. The nice thing about this finish is that it gives you quality built and high-end vibes.


Because of the materials used in its design, the Voopoo VMate is a slightly heavier product than its competitors. That raises a question about its portability. The VMate E Pod Kit can still be placed in your pocket or handbag. With the detachable cap, it will keep your device clean and sanitary.

We mentioned the top cap earlier, an important element in its finish. It would not be wrong to say that the cap gives the whole device that transformative look that makes it special. It brings symmetry, protection from dirt, and elegance to the device.

Coming to the airflow slider is a very comfortable slider with adjustable airflow. On the base of the kit, you will find a USB Type C port for charging purposes. The four holes in the leather panel with LEDs act as the Vooooo’s battery status. We have to give it to the creators; Voopoo VMate E pod Kit is certainly one of the better-looking ones!


What is that most frequently asked question again? Ah, yes, the battery specs. Well, the device under discussion features a 1200 mAh internal battery. As mentioned earlier, you can charge it using a USB Type C charger. The charging rate is 1.2 amperes. Courtesy of the Voopoo’s gene based AI chipset, the Voopoo VMate E Pod Kit has an automatic power output. This means that it can detect the pod’s resistance.

Eventually, this enables an optimum power setting in accordance with the resistance. That’s quite clever, wouldn’t you agree? The maximum power output for the VMate E is set at 20 W. Oh, and the device is backward compatible with previous pods/cartridges.

What do the lights on the battery mean? The charging is 100-75% if all four lights are on. If only three lights are on, the charging is between 75-50%; if there are only two lights on, then the power is between 50-25%, while only one light indicates that the power is between 25-0%. Flashing lights indicate a pod detection/un-detection, low power, overuse, short-circuiting, and overheat protection.


It all comes down to the pods, so let us look at the VMate’s pods in detail. These are Voopoo’s new V2 versions. The fact that makes these new pods super exciting is that they feature an improved connection to the device.

Better connectivity with elegance is a duo that will only add more power to any device worldwide. However, it is just not that! The manufacturers have also focused on improving the airflow system to make it more leak-resistant. That is a problem that some products of the inferior quality makes often feature. Thankfully, it is not part of the Voopoo ecosystem of products.

VMate E features two different resistance pods in the kit. Both of these pods have a 3ml e-juice capacity. One pod is 0.7-ohm resistance; the other is a 1.2-ohm resistance pod. The 1.2-ohm pod is a better choice for those who love MTL vaping. In addition, it is a better option if you want to extend your battery life. You might notice a rubber plug when you purchase this kit; it denotes the internal coil’s resistance.


It is all very fancy stuff, but how does the device perform? Thanks to the improved air pods, you will find a significant difference between this make and the others available in the market. The 0.7-ohm variant delivers a somewhat warmer vape. The draw is slightly loser as well.

We are giving it full marks for instantaneousness and flavor production. As you would expect, the 1.2-ohm variant has the opposite traits. It features a slightly constricted draw and furnishes a cooler vape than the 0.7-ohm device.

There is no difference between the flavors produced by either of the devices, which is the most important thing to note from our point of view.

The 1200 mAh battery, when fully charged, will last you an entire day of vaping. Just keep an eye on your e-liquid levels, eh? The charging time is also more than decent, which is a bonus point. However, the one slightly disappointing feature is the lack of pass-through, which means you cannot use the device when charging.

Final Thoughts

Well, Folks! We hope you learned plenty about the popular Voopoo VMate E Pod Kit from this review. Suppose you are a novice looking for a reliable product to spend money on; well, congratulations. You just found it.

On the other hand, if you are a pro who is fed up with inconsistent products, well, congratulations again. You have a new friend to rely on. With these optimistic vibes, we bid you farewell from this space!