Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Kit Review


The Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Kit has been making a lot of buzz in the vape world recently. Exactly what is it about this kit that makes it so awesome in the first place?

Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Kit

We are going to find out the hidden answers in this review! So without wasting any time, let us jump straight into the details!

What Is Included in the Package? 

You are spending decent bucks on this thing; it is only fair that you should have complete knowledge of the package contents. So, we will do a bit of unboxing in this section. 

Here is what is included in the Vandy Vape Pulse AIO kit:

  • One Pulse AIO device
  • One Pulse Vessel RBA tank
  • One Pulse Vessel Pre-built tank
  • One Wrench and two VCC coils
  • Two 24ga Ni80 Coil 0.4ohm
  • An Accessory Bag with a coil lead guide
  • One QC Type-C USB cable
  • One 8650 battery adaptor

Of course, you are also given an instruction manual in the package that instructs you on properly using the kit.

Overview of Kit 

Let’s do an anatomical overview of the kit first! 


As is the norm with Pulse, AIO features plastic as well. The only bits of metal that you will see are primarily formed for electrical connections and fasteners.

As a result, this kit isn’t heavy like its competitors out there. A closer look reveals that Vandy Vape has sectioned the screen and control board into its compartment. The juice cannot reach this area. 

Shape & Style 

Coming towards the shape and style of the product, you could say that there is an element of boringness there. However, transparency makes up for this plainness. It brings out that e-liquid visibility visible from three sides with the supplied tanks!


Battery options are one of the most likeable features of this kit, especially if you consider 21700. Battery orientations could have been a little more prominent. But removing the battery is quite easy, which is a major plus.

You can either loosen or remove the top nut for removing the tank. In the accessories, you will find a key tool for this purpose. There are two tanks included in this kit. One of these tanks is for stock coils, and the other is for RBA rebuildability. 


Changing the coil can prove to be a bit tricky. One must remove the tank first, then pull off the airflow ring. After doing that, you have to pry out the old coil. As for the tank, it drops into the mod vacuum. Ensuring that it is moderately tight is important too.

Once you have the battery and coil fitted, as well as filled up with e-liquid, you are almost ready for vaping. Next up, you have to dial down the wattage to suit the coil. Recommended instructions are VC-60 0.6ohm, 11 watts. 

RBA Tank

The RB tank is designed to make build and wick. The coils included in this package are ideal for RDL/DL users.

Once the tank pulls apart to get to the deck, the airflow ring unscrews, thereby allowing the user to build on the ohms metre or mod. The little jig here makes it easy for the user to trim your coil for the right height. Overall, the fitting and tweaking of the coil are easy and somewhat very pleasant! 

One cannot help but admire the wicking as well. It is simple and the perfect length to tuck in the ample ports. Cotton free, and that is something! 


There are very few questions about the brilliance of the build deck. It features an airflow design that wraps air all around the coil. It is no wonder that it is one of the easiest decks to work on for coil wicking and fitting!


Now, let us analyse the performance of the Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Kit. Plenty of useful insight is coming up in this section! Vandy Vape Pulse AIO 80W Kit

Let us start with the stock coil pod then. If you are going to try with 0.6ohm at the start, we will strongly advise against that. Reason? It is nothing like the MTL. Plus, there is too much power and heat if you try it that way. You can get a decent draw by restricting the airflow ring, but it will be a very hard adjustment to make. The RDL/DL draw is a better option.

The coil gives a very decent RDL vape. The draw is super smooth, and the flavour is good. Pretty warm that way, we can assure you! The airflow is quite good, with a pretty 0.3ohm as well. A little restrictive but still decent!

We are also giving full marks for the RDL/DL performance. Perhaps the addition of an MTL option would have made a significant difference. But it is still a pretty decent thing to have! You might see some flooding at the lower end; a little might seep into the airflow ring. However, the bed remains intact anyways. 

User Experience 

User experience suggests that the fully loaded weight with the battery and full tank is around 180g. Surely, that is a good feeling for a boro tank-compatible device!

One key aspect to keep in mind here is that the fire button is too close to the thumb firing. So you will have to make a little adjustment and flip it around for index finger firing. Awkward, but it will work fine, alright! You can find the fire button easily since the metal outer ring is quite tactile. 

Final Thoughts 

Of course, there are a couple of issues that need to be addressed. But overall, one feels that Vandy Vape did a great job of taking the best elements and refining them to bring them up to date.

The plastic construction is either a pro or con, depending on your liking and disliking. But the kit gets a good rating from us on that front too. So there you are, that’s our verdict! But tell us, what do you think about it?