UWELL Caliburn G Pod Kit Review


UWELL is a brand known for taking the vaping world by storm, courtesy of its fascinating kits. Pro vapers going through these lines will probably remember the buzz that the original Caliburn kit created. Design, appeal, draw. Everything was likable about that amazing vaping tool.


One can say that it was the moment that unofficially awarded the UWELL the title of the gold standard for pod vapes. But the brand hasn’t stopped improving its traits yet.

The Caliburn G pod kit is a perfect manifestation of this fact. As we review this vaping kit in the upcoming lines, you will realize that the kit has out smartened its predecessor kit in many ways.

We will not spill all the secrets in the opening lines, though! Let’s get started and unbox it!

What Is Inside the Box?

Contents first, conclusions later. Right, so once you open up the kit package, you will find a pod cartridge, tw0 0.8-ohm coils, a USB Type-C cable, an instruction manual, and of course, your UWELL Caliburn G kit. Please don’t throw the manual in the trash bin straight away, it can help you a lot in the future if you face a problem related to the kit.

Coming to the product specifications, the kit features a Zinc-Alloy construction. The battery is 690mAh, while the maximum wattage is around 15W. There are two different airflow modes, while the coils are replaceable. The total holding capacity of the pod is around 2ml. Furthermore, the kit features a draw and button-activated firing.

Now that a well-drawn sketch of the kit’s contents and specifications is formed, let us be more critically analytical.


The original featured such a great design that the clever minds at UWELL must have thought twice before making any changes to the existing design. Nevertheless, a few tweaks were made here and there. As a result, the kit under discussion is a fine skinny device slightly wider than the parent product.

This little modification has made things more convenient since slipping the pen into the pocket is now fairly easy. A light kit will always attract more vapers, and UWELL’s Caliburn G is no exception. Oh, and we love the ribbed lines on the device!

The lines are not the only thing we love about this vaping kit. The firing button also caught our eye, which is now a lot bigger and has a gold accent ring around it. A nice classic addition, if we may add. The mouthpiece follows the lip curves and gives a very easy, nice feeling.

You don’t need an extra cap for the pod; the mouthpiece does that job anyway. Also, we are not sure if you will be a fan of the feature or not, but magnetically attached pods are our personal favorite. Glad to report that the kit under review is built on the magnetic theme as well. Overall, we liked the design, shifting our interest to understanding Caliburn G’s user manual.

Using Caliburn G!

It is fairly simple to get started with this vaping kit; setting it up is not a big deal. But that’s only if you follow the procedure as instructed! Wait, what? Did you think we wouldn’t help you set it up? Not a chance, mate. So, here is a quick guide on how to use the Caliburn G vaping kit:

  • In the first step, you need to grab a coil. Please note that both coils that come in the box are similar. Hence, it hardly matters what coil you choose.
  • In the next step, drop a few drops of e-juice onto the cotton on the sides of the coil. We hope that you have selected your e-juice before this step. If not, you are better advised to do your research in advance and select the e-liquid that appeals to your heart.
  • Once done, it is time to take the coil and insert it into the pod. One easy way of doing this is by lining up the flat edge with the flat edge on the bottom of the pod. As you will see it for yourself, the coil pushes into the bottom of the pod.
  • Remove the mouthpiece by pushing it front to back; you can also push it side to side. It is pertinent to mention here that the mouthpiece is super slick. Hence, removing it at first can be a bit of a struggle. But you will get used to it!
  • Pleasease fill the pod by sticking the e-juice bottle nozzle into the red gasket. It is advisable to fill the pod to the brim and give it a waiting time of five minutes at the very least.
  • It is showtime! You can turn on the device by pressing the fire button five times. DTL and MTL both work. So just draw, vape, and chill!

A Bit About the Coils

Forget the replaceable pods; this vaping kit features replaceable coils! How cool is that?  Another cool fact is that these coils are made specifically for this kit. Fitting them is a little complicated, so please pay attention.

These coils will fit only in a manner that requires you to line up the flat side of the coil with the flat notch on the bottom of the pod.

Once done with that, these coils will easily push into the place! As mentioned earlier, there are two coils of similar nature in the box. They are both 0.8ohm Caliburn G Series Coils; that’s your specific name! Additionally, you can also purchase 1.0ohm coils as well!

Final Thoughts

We have given you a fairly comprehensive overview of the product, yet we feel like talking more about it. Unfortunately, though, we have run out of the time and space we had for this brief. Nevertheless, we are quite optimistic that you are well aware of the UWELL Caliburn G vape kit at this conclusion point. On this optimistic note, we bid you farewell from this space.