Understanding Nicotine And Which Strength Is Right For You

The strength of e-juice nicotine is most of the time measured in milligrams per millilitre, which is weight per volume, written as mg/mL. You may often see “per mL” or “/mL” on many labels you find. E-juice, also known as “e-liquid”, comes in different levels of strength, which depends on which manufacturer or brand that you buy from. You can buy e-juice nicotine in as small as 3 mg/mL and as big as 42 mg/mL. You can even buy it with no nicotine, at 0 mg/mL.

But which strength is best for you? Understanding what each strength provides determines which mg levels you can tolerate and ones that you cannot. Since you cannot try each strength for free for yourself, we will explain more about e-juice with nicotine in Australia to you.

For first time smokers, and people looking to try nicotine for the first time, it is useful to understand how vaping works on the body. Nicotine comes in many forms and you can use it in a number of ways. Nicotine can be inhaled with vaping or smoking, which affects the body faster than other means. Nicotine can also be absorbed in the mouth like with chewing tobacco or a nicotine gum. It can also be absorbed into your skin like a nicotine patch.

Besides tobacco, cigarette companies include nicotine with various other ingredients to cigarettes. Cigarettes, which you may know as miniature versions of the cigar, are sold in various different sizes, so there is no true standard to fixed amounts of nicotine packed inside of them. Over the years, there has been an increase in nicotine in cigarettes sold in the USA. If you are a smoker who is loyal to a certain brand, we recommend that you look up reports about their products and their use of said nicotine.

Nicotine that is absorbed orally provides a slower intake of it that is transferred to your blood stream. While other methods effect the body much quicker, this method is slower and will last longer.

What is loosely compared to smoking is vaping. The strength of e-juice with nicotine in Australia is measured in mg/mL. You can find out the absorption rate as well, which is the amount of nicotine that you actually end up consuming. It is technically possible to find out how much e-juice you vape each time, and the device you use to vape with, as well as how fast you are vaping a set amount of e-juice, plays a crucial part in it. For example, if you are using what is called an advanced atomiser, vaping a mg/mL might give you a similar effect you could get from a higher amount of mg/ML e-juice from a cartomiser or starter kit.

Just like cigarettes, there is no real dose because there is no fixed size you can vape e-juice with nicotine from. The dose that you take in depends on how deep, how big, and how often you inhale. There is no definite answer to how many vaping puffs it takes to equal a cigarette.

If you are a heavy smoker, you will enjoy what nicotine with a 12 to 18 mg/mL strength offers. For moderate smokers, you will enjoy nicotine that is around 6 mg/mL. People who enjoy vaping and like to puff smoke more than the satisfaction of the nicotine will want nicotine that is only 3 mg/mL. 0 mg/mL is best for those who like vaping without nicotine, or trying to stomp out their addiction with it.