Regulated Mods Vs. Mech Mods Comparison

Vaping is one of the best options to enjoy a wide range of flavors without adding calories to your diet. Besides, it can satisfy your nicotine craving instantly without the cancer-causing components found in traditional cigarettes. 

Right from disposable e-cigs, to vape pens, to extensive vape mods, vapers can choose from a wide range of options.

People may choose various vaping devices depending on their personal preferences, but they are classified into two distinct types. Regulated vape mods and mech mods are the two types of vaping devices.

Regulated vape mods are the popular choice of beginners and regular vapers.

On the other hand, mech mods are the top choice of advanced users. But what’s the actual difference between regulated vape mods and mech mods? Let’s explore.

What are regulated vape mods? 

Primary safety feature: Regulated vape mods come with a circuit that regulates the power input and output. So, if the battery releases too much or too low power, your device won’t fire the coil.

That is the primary safety feature that prevents short circuits and battery explosions. For that reason, many vapers prefer regulated vape mods over mech mods.

Variable voltage & temperature control: Regulated vape mods and vape pens come with a variable-voltage feature that allows you to set a specific voltage output that you like.

Also, they come with a temperature control feature that allows you to set a particular temperature you’d like. Burning e-liquids at varied voltage and temperature levels can give you precise results.

Atomizer resistance: Many people like to build their coil using their favorite wires at specific resistances. Before firing the coil, it is best to check its resistance as they tend to change. You set an ideal wattage output only when you know the coil resistance.

Most regulated mods and vape pens can read the atomizer resistance, and they display the same on the screen. So, it becomes easier for you to monitor the atomizer resistance before a vaping session. Otherwise, you have to check it using a resistance reader device manually.

Ease of use: If you want to achieve intense flavors or vape at a specific temperature and wattage, you should buy a regulated vape device with a display panel. Most regulated mods and vape pens come with LED screens and navigation features.

So, it’s a lot easier to vape with regulated mods and vape pens at different temperatures and wattages to identify the most satisfying vape setup.

Compatibility: Since regulated vape kits come with a wide range of safety features, you can try new vape tanks without any fear. However, if your coil or atomizer resistance is compatible with your vape mod, it won’t fire. So, you should check the atomizer compatibility before buying a new coil or vape tank.

Pros & cons of regulated vape mods

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Perfectly safe
  • Highly customizable
  • It could be intricate for beginners
  • Comparably low power output than mech mods

What are mech mods?

Mechanical mods, also known as non-regulated mods, are quite the opposite of regulated vape mods. Mech mods don’t come with a circuit, which means the power is directly passed from the battery to the coil.

So, you can fire any coil with any coil resistance without any glitch. However, if you are using mech mods, you should know ohm’s like thoroughly. Else, you may end up scorching your lips or fingers. 

Cloud chasing and flavor production: Since mech mods don’t restrict you from using any coil type with any resistance, you can use your favorite wire type at extremely high wattage output and high temperatures.

As a result, you can produce a massive amount of clouds, which may not be possible with regulated vape mods even remotely.

Temperature control: Sub-ohm tanks tend to get overheated when fired at high voltage. Mech mods don’t have customization features that enable you to control the max temperature. That said, you should make sure you follow safety precautions when you use sub-ohm tanks and low resistance coils.

Battery power: As mech mods fire any coil without any restrictions, it may consume relatively low or high battery power as required. Besides, most mech mods don’t have battery indicators, so you should keep an eye on the battery level when you vape for extended hours.

Advanced vaping: You can’t use certain wire types with regulated vape mods. Likewise, you can’t use extremely high or low resistance coils with regulated mods. Contrarily, you can use any wire type and coil resistance with mech mods.

As already said, mech mods don’t have any security features, so it is strictly for advanced vapers who know ohm’s law and advanced vaping techniques.

Pros and cons of Mech mods

  • No current restrictions
  • Ideal for pro vapers, cloud chasers, and coil builders
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • No safety features

Regulated vape mods Vs. Mech mods, Which is best?

Well, defining the best vape mod is not so simple. Anything that works best for you is best for you, but it may not be the best for others. Determining the best vape mods is all about comparing your personal preferences and vaping style with the device’s features.

Regulated mods have a specific safety feature that prevents battery explosions. Likewise, it comes with a wide range of safety features as well. Regulated mods are considered safe as they come with many security features.

Besides, regulated mods offer customization benefits, which will help vapers tune their favorite vape setup. If you are too concerned about safety, don’t hesitate to buy regulated vape mods.

If you are looking for the ultimate cloud-chasing experience and low-ohm vaping, buy a couple of mech mods for yourself. Mech mods allow you to enjoy vaping without any restrictions.

At the same time, mech mods don’t have even one security feature, and it is something you should consider before buying one.

No matter if you prefer regulated vape mods or mech mods, you should know that vaping itself requires adequate knowledge regarding ohm’s law. Compare your vaping needs with the vape kit features to make a well-informed decision.