Refillable vs Pre-Filled Pod Kits


Pod systems have become super popular in the last few years for many reasons. They are one of the most searched items in the category of vaping devices on different search engines.

Refillable and pre-filled pod kits are the two most notable mentions in this debate. In this brief, we will look at the pros and cons of refillable and pre-filled pod kits.

By the time you reach the end of this brief, you will be well aware of the pros and cons of refillable and pre-filled pod systems.

So, without any further ado, let us begin this discussion! 

Pod System: An Overview

Before we jump into the details of these two pod systems, it is extremely important to understand what a pod system is. E-liquid and atomizer coil are both placed inside a translucent plastic pod.

We can define the pod as a drop-in component. It attaches magnetically. To remove the pod from the device, all that you have to do is simply lift it.

Vape tanks and vape pods are often compared against each other. Well, they work a little differently when compared to each other. The vape tanks are compatible with almost all threaded vaping devices.

On the other hand, vape pods are proprietary. What does that mean? Well, it means that pod systems are compatible with only specific pods.

They don’t work with any other third-party attachments whatsoever. It sounds a little disappointing, but this specificity makes pod vapes so popular among the vaping community as well.

What Is A Refillable Pod System?

Refillable pod systems refer to a vape kit with no e-liquid and is sold as such. A customer not only purchases such a vape kit but also buys the vape juice. Then, the vape pod is filled with this juice.

As it is a little obvious, you can refill the pod with the vape juice. But you can do that only till the flavor quality isn’t compromised!

Once the flavor starts to take a hit, it is time to replace the atomizer coil at the very least or the entire pod at the most. This decision of replacement depends on the design of your device.

Benefits of Refillable Pod Systems

Variety is one of the biggest perks that you get with a refillable pod system. There are a ton of flavors available that you can try, and plenty of e-liquid and vape juice varieties that you might not have even heard of. Refillable pod systems allow you to enjoy them.

Then, advanced nature and sophistication are also a massive plus that you get with refillable pod systems. That’s the reason why the flavor quality and the vapor production is so consistent and better in the case of refillable pod systems as compared to the pre-filled pod systems.

And lastly, opting for a refillable pod system is a decision that will save you some bucks in the long term as well. You see, vials of your favorite e-juice can last for several days, even if you vape like a chimney!

Cons of Refillable Pod Systems

It is not all rosy, though. There are certain drawbacks to using a refillable pod system. The biggest drawback is that a refillable pod system works only with a pod that is designed for it. Of course, there is a bit of flexibility in some makes.

But all in all, you will feel a bit constricted if you opt for a refillable pod system for the long term. In the event of low supply, your vaping experience can take a serious hit, that is for sure.

What Is A Pre-filled Pod System?

Pods are pre-filled with e-liquids; no refilling is possible. That is the shortest possible definition of a pre-filled pod system. Refillable pod systems are sold either in packs of two or four.

A pre-filled pod system can be used only immediately once it is out of the pack. How are you going to use it? Drop the pod into a charged battery and start vaping. Once the pod is empty, all that you need to do is discard it and replace it with a fresh pod.

Benefits of Pre-filled Pod Systems

That sounded pretty neat, eh? Using a pre-filled pod system is beneficial for many reasons. For one, they are available pretty much in every store that sells tobacco products. You can find them at most gas stations and similar stores. Actually, it is a massive plus for folks who are in transition between smoking and vaping.

Because pre-filled pods are available at every station, purchasing them is easy. Also, these devices are a perfect choice for novices who are thinking of vaping but don’t know where to start. They are super simple and easy to use.

They are extremely low maintenance; all that a vaper has to do is recharge the battery properly and replace the pod when you have to do it.

Cons of Pre-filled Pod Systems

Again, it CAN get a little tricky even with the pre-filled pod systems. Firstly, they are definitely a lot more expensive than refillable pod systems. Also, there isn’t a lot of variety available in this category.

If you are someone who is thinking of opting for pre-filled pod systems, then please be prepared to taste only a few vape juices and liquids. Plus, even the makes and models that are available on the market are not very advanced.

Final Thoughts

Well, folks, that would be all from this brief. We hope that you learned plenty from this brief about refillable pod systems and pre-filled pod systems.

We wish we could have discussed the finer aspects of the two types in a bit more detail. Unfortunately, we have run out of time and space that we had for this brief.

On an optimistic note, that you learned plenty from this brief about both kinds, we bid you farewell from this brief. The ultimate factors which will influence your decision are your vaping status and the coins in your pocket!