REALLY? Vape stains Teeth: Here Are 5 Facts You Must Know

REALLY? Vape stains Teeth: Here Are 5 Facts You Must Know

People are now starting to consider the fact that vape is really the better alternative when you are needing that nicotine fix. There are a lot of facts that can be provided on how vape is better than cigarettes.

One of the most visible signs that you can easily notice from a person who is smoking cigarettes is that they’re teeth are really yellow and depending on how long the person has been smoking, tooth decay and other dental issues are starting to show. However, a person who only vapes and has not tried cigarettes will still have the same colour of teeth he or she normally has. So, is vape smoke bad for your teeth? No. When you have been smoking cigarettes and have made the switch to vaping, you will notice how the colour of your teeth will gradually change and will look healthier than before.

With how much danger cigarettes offer to a person’s health and of how these are always reminded to them by their family or friends, people are now switching to a better alternative and that is vaping. Vape offers a healthier solution as it removes tar and ash and replaces it with vapour from an e-liquid or juice. E-cigarettes are invented to help reduce the toxic effects of the cigarettes and it is a healthier alternative as tar is removed so you will not have to worry about your lungs, teeth and other health concerns.

So, are vape pens bad for your teeth?

If the absence of tar and ash, the main ingredients in a cigarette that can trigger your teeth to turn yellow, and replace it with a healthier and better alternative that does not possess this kind of ingredients, your teeth will not turn yellow and will still look as healthy as ever. So, is vape smoke bad for your teeth and mouth? That would be a no.

When you have been using cigarettes for a while now and have finally made a good decision of switching to vape, you are lowering your risks of dental and health problems like tooth decays, tooth loss, gum diseases, lung cancer and other issues. In a couple of days, after switching to vape, you will notice a gradual change of colour in your teeth, nothing to be alarmed about, it’s more on congratulations, your teeth are now returning to its natural colour. Your body responds to that good decision you made and is looking healthier now.

So when someone sees you vaping and tells you vape smoke is bad for your teeth, you can now correct and educate them with these facts. Vape smoke isn’t bad for the teeth, the tar and the ash from a cigarette is.

How to vape after wisdom teeth?

Many smokers who have recently seen a dentist repair or remove a wisdom tooth often wonder how long after wisdom teeth can they smoke. The answer varies depending on what type of work you have done on your wisdom tooth. However, a good rule of thumb is to wait between 48 and 72 hours after having dental work done on your wisdom tooth before smoking. There are several good reasons for waiting a few days before smoking after a dentist has been working on your wisdom tooth before you start smoking once again.
When you get your wisdom teeth removed, you are advised from your dentist to rest and drink lots of water, drink some medicines to calm down the swelling and to ease the pain and you are prescribed to avoid certain things like drinking from a straw and eating hard, crunchy or sticky food that can trigger a scratch in your wounds.

No vaping after a wisdom tooth extraction can really be bad news. However, there can be certain things that you can do to prevent yourself from vaping.

  1. Do it the natural way. You can speed up the process of your healing by following your dentist’s prescriptions and advice and as soon as you are healed, you can go back to vaping.
  2. Get a nicotine patch if you really can not stand no to have nicotine flowing in your body’s system. In this way, you can avoid inhaling the vapour and will avoid any irritations in your mouth.
  3. Do not chew some gum because it can cause irritation. Maybe have some chocolates instead when you are craving to vape?
  4. This is not recommended but if you do insist in vaping, do wait for at least 48 hours after the tooth’s extraction and gently vape, remember that you are still trying to heal, so it would be best to slowly do it and not constantly vape or chain your intake. It would be best if you will keep the gauze over the socket when you are vaping.

So if you want to make sure dental work done on your wisdom tooth heals as quickly as possible, wait for 48 to 72 hours before smoking.

Getting the feeling of relief when the nicotine in your body is satisfying as you feel relax and is one of a great stress reliever. There are other ways or activities to help you relieve your stress, anxiety and those negative emotions you are feeling. Find some activities that you enjoy doing, when you are stressed from work, take some time to clear your mind and quietly meditate and just breathe.

When the bleeding stops and you’ve healed, it’s a green light to start vaping again. You get to enjoy the feeling of being relaxed and stress-free again. Get a cup of coffee to pair up your vape and enjoy the rest of your day.

For someone who has been used to cigarettes and is planning to make the healthier switch to vape, it can be hard at first, yes. Your body is used to the feeling of having a cigarette but this doesn’t mean you will give up easily. You will need to give yourself a chance to be healthier! You are stronger than that and with good self-discipline, you will be able to reward yourself with that nicotine fix but in a better alternative.

Vape smoke isn’t bad for the teeth and it actually brings back your natural colour when you stop cigarettes and switched to vape. All in all, the health risks that people are very concerned about nowadays are in a major decrease with vape rather than the killing machine, cigarettes.

Author: Vaper Choice