Atmizoo Aer RTA Extension Kit

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This product does not contain nicotine. Picture for illustration purposes only.

The kit increases the capacity of Atmizoo Aer RTA from 2ml (stock) to 3.4ml.

Please check the Aer Extension Kit Installation Guide below on how to install the Aer Extension Kit.

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­Aer Extension Kit includes:

1 x Tank, made of  Quartz Glass with fused ends
1 x Extended Chimney (SS316F)
1 x Extended LFC Tube with inner D=4.0mm (SS316F)
1 x O-ring 9 x 1.5 food grade FDA approved SIL70

The Aer Extension Kit increases the capacity of Aer RTA from 2ml (stock) to 3.4ml.

The kit increases the height of the RTA by only 6 mm, to a total of 41.6 mm Aer extended version.

aer rta extension kit installation guide

  • First you need to remove the Tank Section. To do this, grip on Tank section and rotate counter-clockwise on the Base section, slowly, at the same time pulling Tank Section upwards. You will reach at a point where the Tank Section will be released from Base [a]. This is the Deck Access Point. At this point, the triangle signs on Aer Tank Section bottom rim should be fully aligned with the circle signs on Aer Base. Do not rotate hastily without pulling up at the same time, or else you will surpass this point. Hold Tank section firmly and pull up all the way [b].

  • Now, time to remove the Top Cap. Grip on Tank section with one hand, in order to keep it steady. Rotate Top Cap counter-clockwise using the other hand, *while at the same time pushing it downwards* [a], all the way until it is released. Then pull up gently [b] . If you do not push down while rotating the Top Cap counter-clockwise, the Top Cap will seem stiffer than normal, but the job will still be done.



  • Look at the Tank Section from above, with Top Cap removed. In the centre, you can spot the Nut [a].
  • Unscrew the Nut anti-clockwise, using the flat side of the Tool. Alternatively, you can use any large flathead screwdriver that fits with the Nut cutouts [b]. Most large flathead screwdrivers will do the job. Avoid using smaller-sized screwdrivers, also avoid using phillips screwdrivers, as this might lead to tear and wear of the Nut due to bad application/fitting.


  • Now all Tank Section parts are released [a] and you can disassemble them by simply pulling off the Seal first, then the rest of the parts.
  • Keep the Seal and the Nut aside, and assemble the Extended Tank Section, first with the parts out of the Extension Kit, that is the Extended Chimney, the Extended Tank Body, the Extended LFC Tube and the 9×1.5 O-ring.
  • Important to note no1: Before you place the Seal and the Nut on top of the Extended Tank Section, you need to make sure that the Extended LFC Tube is set to “liquid shut off” position. Rotate the Extended LFC Tube until the liquid slots on its base are fully aligned with the kidney-shaped blind engravings right under [black arrows b].
  • ­Important to note no2: Now for the Seal assembly. The Seal does not sit randomly on the Chimney top. You need to spot the two female cutouts at the top part of the Chimney [blue arrows b], where the corresponding protruding parts of the Seal bottom should fall in. For this, slowly rotate the Seal on top of the Extended Chimney, until it falls in place.
  • ­When everything is assembled, Seal on top and Extended LFC Tube properly aligned, they should look like image [c]. The two small protruding edges of the Extended LFC Tube should appear as rotated fully anti-clockwise until start point of their carved route [yellow arrows c].
  • You can now replace the Top Cap and the Extended Tank Section on top of the Base of the Aer, following Aer manual step 2.

Find Atmizoo Aer Extension Kit installation guide by Atmizoo here.

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