Mesh vs. Regular Vape Coils

Do you know your vape experience largely depends on the type of coil you use? Yes! That is true. Often the neglected part of the vape kit, coils perform a vital role in your vaping experience. You may know about the resistance ratings of your coils, but only a few people understand the configuration and function of these coils.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss vape coils and why they are necessary.

Coils are the part that converts your e-juice into vapor. Vape coils heat the e-juice and convert it into vapors. The surface area of the coils is significant for generating vapors. The larger it is, the more the amount of e-liquid vaporized, and vice versa. So vape manufacturers are competing to manufacture coils with larger surface areas.

There are a variety of vape coils available. A standard or regular coil consists of a single wire coiled around the wick whereas the newest design in coil technology includes a mesh coil. These work on the same principle to heat up when the user presses the fire button.

However, there are minute differences in their configuration and effects. Let’s understand the similarities and differences between mesh and regular coils.

1. Mesh Coils

Mesh coils are ideal when you are using Sub-Ohm vape tanks. This means you will require coils that produces higher power and heat so you can vape at higher wattage. Mesh coil is the perfect candidate thanks to small holes on thin metal strips that increase the surface area without increasing the overall volume of the coil. Manufacturers use metals like stainless steel, nichrome, or kanthal for manufacturing mesh coils. It is like a grid of metal that increases the surface area that comes in contact with the e-liquid, producing maximum vapor and flavor.

Initially, cloud vaping required mesh coils. But since 2018, mesh coils are now the choice of manufacturers for sub-ohm tanks (coils with built-in resistance of less than 1 ohm).

Advantages of Mesh Coils

  • The mesh coils take less time to heat up as compared to other coil designs.
  • Mesh coils cover the whole wick surface area, providing even heat distribution, which means fewer chances of a dry hit and often lasts longer than ordinary coils.
  • The larger surface area gives intense vapors and a better flavor.
  • They can work with low wattage ranges saving your battery life.
  • Mesh coils are compatible with various tanks, so you don’t need to change the tank.
  • Mesh coils are the easiest vape coils to clean.

Disadvantages of Mesh Coils

  • Mesh coils consume significant amounts of e-juices because of the larger surface area of these coils. Faster heat up, huge clouds, and more robust flavor comes at the cost of more e-liquid. With mesh coils, you will have to fill up your vape tank more frequently.
  • Inhaling excessive vapors is detrimental to your health. It is more dangerous than consuming nicotine. So if you have some health concerns, it is wise not to use mesh coils.
  • Mesh coils are a good choice for vapers, but they are not better than Clapton coils when it comes to heating. Mesh coils do not get as hot as the Clapton coil.
  • Mesh coils work better with some flavors and not others.

2. Regular Coils

Regular coils are the type of coils you will find in super tiny pod mods vape systems. They are best suitable for small-sized vapes. However, when it comes to durability, regular coils are at a slight disadvantage. But this drawback of standard coils is counterbalanced with their usage of low wattage in small vape systems.

Coils are simply a wire placed inside the vape mod’s cartridge. It is generally a resistance wire covered with cotton in synthetic foam or fiberglass. Mouth to lung vaping requires regular coils (coils with a resistance of more than 1.0 ohm often use a standard wire).

Regular, traditional, or standard coils are the most conventional types of vape coils. It contains a single wire molded in the shape of a coil. To increase the contact with the e-liquid, manufacturers launched vapes that use two, three, or four coils instead of one. Most multi-core coils are generally made with a standard wire and not mesh. There are benefits and drawbacks to each; which coil is best for you depend on how you like to vape.

3. Single Standard Coil

Single standard coils give you a moderate throat hit and vapor clouds. The temperature is warm, and the flavor payoff is good.  Single standard coils may require more wattage to perform better, but it also depends on the coil resistance. As compared to other regular ones, the single standard coils take the minimum time to heat up.

4. Dual, Triple, and Quad-Core

Dual, triple, or quad-core coils give a hotter vape experience, and the flavor is also better. Cloud production is more significant with these coils, and you also get a more substantial throat hit. But their downside includes a lot more power consumption, thus may drain the vape battery. They usually last for 5 to 10 days before they are changed.

Regular Coils or Mesh Coils Which Is Better?

The vaping industry introduces a new coil design in no time. Seeing the advantages of the mesh type, the manufacturers are more interested in mesh coils, even for mouth-to-lung vaping. Whatever the manufacturers’ choice, it is the vape enthusiasts who can set their preferences and how they would like to vape.

If you want a moderate throat hit, medium cloud, decent flavor, and warm vape, then a regular coil is the best option for you. But if you are someone who likes to speed up the firing rate, wants a dense flavor and massive clouds, then go for the mesh type of coil.

Wrapping Up

Most vape users report that mesh coils are superior to other vape coils as they are convenient and come in an affordable price range. But every vaping setup is not perfect for every person and purpose; only you decide what works best for you.

So, always keep your device’s design and preferences in mind while choosing between the regular and mesh vape coils.