Lost Vape Ursa Quest Multi-Kit Review

The Ursa Quest Multi Kit is another masterpiece from the Lost Vape manufacturer. The top-level designs of their vape devices bring an ethereal vaping experience to the customers. The manufacturer promotes Ursa Quest Multi-Kit as both a mod and a pod, but today, we will see how accurate their claim is.

Lost Vape manufacturer gained popularity in vaping for their fancy mods and DNA chipsets. However, the Ursa Quest uses the Quest chip to make this kit more affordable.

This kit includes a single 2×700 battery mod rated at 100 watts and the Ursa Pod tank–a sub-ohm pod tank that connects directly to the mod. In addition, the kit has a 510 adapter for the mod so that you can use any atomizer on it as well.

The Lost Vape Ursa Quest Kit has diversified features and an elegant design. Let’s explore more about the kit and its pros and cons.

Features & Functions

The Ursa Quest Multi kit has multiple mode systems. For instance, it has pod, mod, and power modes. You can use the pod mode with the included pod, while the mod mode is suitable for the 510 adapters. The power mod is like the toppings on the cake with its variable preheating options like soft, regular, and hard.

Adjustment between these three modes is also easy. It has three user profiles available that allow you to create presets. So, you do not need to set it every time you switch between these modes. But you can also do this without setting up the profiles. However, the option is there.

Here is the short rundown for the adjustment menu

Ø  You need to click the fire button fives times to turn it on and off

Ø  Use up and down to highlight what you aim to set on the screen

Ø  Press the menu to enter adjustment mode

Ø  Use up and down to change it then menu to accept it

Ø  Hold up and down to lock the adjust buttons (can still fire)

TCR and power adjustments are made after selecting the mode

Design and Build Quality

The products from Lost Vape are famous for their sleek and classy designs. The Ursa Quest is no different. It is a nicely built device. The leather with a matte frame looks quite appealing. Moreover, its symmetrical shape makes grasping the vape easy.

The Ursa pod mod is a high-quality product. It is affordable and larger than most pod mods, with a standard 2×700 single battery mod. It also feels solid but is not too heavy. It looks more like an ohm tank and mod kit.

The pod mod/ vape comes in nine colors with three frame colors, stainless steel, black, and gunmetal. The decorative panels of wood and leather appeal to the user the most.

The Ukiran leather, crocodile leather all start as black but change their color with time. But you can also select the stainless steel one; it also looks pretty cool. The stainless steel frame has a matte touch which pops out the leather more and prevents fingerprints.

The Lost Vape Ursa has a clip-on system that prevents accidental detachment and even slight wobbling, familiar with the previously designed magnetic connection.

In addition, it has two small notches on the inside of the mod’s tank port, which retract when two corresponding buttons on the outside of the device are pressed. It’s a straightforward and effective system, albeit not a perfect one.

The tanks are black-tinted, and the mod has a matching atomizer. The battery door is a threaded cap, so you can easily take batteries in and out, and the door never pops open. Furthermore, there is no button rattle on this mod at all either.

The Ursa vape mod comes with two refillable pods. The standard Ursa Pod Tank can fill up to 6ml of e-liquid and comes with a replaceable 510 drip tip. It is compatible with Lost Vape’s Ultra Boost coil-heads. The Ursa Pod Pro can hold up to 7ml of e-juice and works with the larger UB Pro coil heads.

One of the best features of testing the Ursa multi kit is the included 510 adapters, a heavy metal plate that links to the battery unit. It allows you to use the Ursa as vape mods with any 510 atomizers you like. Also, anything up to 30mm will not overhang.


Other than the two coils, you can check the performance of

Ø  UB M2 coil

Ø  UB MTL coil

Ø  UB Pro P3 coil

Ø  UB Pro RBA Deck coil

The UB M4 coil comes in the box and is used with the Ursa Pod Tank. It has a resistance of 0.2ohm and has a rating of 40-60W. According to the users, the flavor on this coil is pretty average, and it doesn’t last long before starting to taste burnt.

The UB Pro P1 coil has a 0.15ohm resistance, has a rating of 70-90W. You can use this coil with the Ursa Pro Pod Tank. However, these coils are much larger than the original UB coils.

The flavor on this coil is much better, with thick, voluminous clouds. You can have over 1000 puffs on the counter before noticing a decrease in flavor.

The UB M2 coil is for the Ursa Pod Tank, has a 0.6ohm resistance and a rating of 20-28W. Again the flavor is average on this coil and doesn’t last longer than the UB M4 coil.

The UB Pro P3 coil, an SS coil that goes in the Ursa Pro Pod Tank, performs much better. You can use this coil in TC mode and have a nice flavor, warmth, and thick clouds.

Moreover, the temperature control on the Ursa performs excellent with the UB Pro P3 coil. You do not experience any dry hits, and the mod throttles down the power smoothly once the selected temperature is hit.


  • Easy to use menu system
  • Color options
  • Superb quest board
  • 510 plate/adapter included
  • Sleek design and high quality
  •  Feature pack mod
  • Secure battery cap
  • Variable battery sizes
  • TC mode works well
  • Large capacity for e-liquid
  • Can use tanks and RDA’s up to 30mm in diameter without overhang


  • Average flavor with UB coils
  • Difficult to see the liquid level because of the tinted pods
  • Stock coils may not be suitable if you’re nickel sensitive
  • Quite big as a “pod,” but the 21700 battery offsets this

Bottom line

Overall, Ursa Quest Multi Kit is a high-quality and reliable mod from the Lost Vape. The Quest chip performed exceptionally well compared to the DNA chip, and it is not heavy on the pocket.

Only a few users report issues with the mod and that with tanks. However, coils are the Achilles’ heel of the device, as the RBA deck doesn’t make it worth using when you can use your own RTA on it instead. But if you can pair up the mod with your atomizer, it would work great for both TC and power mode users.

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