A Look at Vaping Competitions

A Look at Vaping Competitions

Electronic cigarettes are providing a healthier alternative to smoking. They’ve also grown in popularity, and now come in a huge variety of different shapes and sizes. They eliminate the need to inhale dangerous smoke in order to absorb nicotine. Instead, they vaporize a liquid comprised of vegetable materials or other safer liquids and allow the user to inhale this. Many people liken it to inhaling the product of a household vaporizer. There’s no harmful ash, tar, or particulate matter that can damage the lungs. This allows people who have formed a habit of the actual act of smoking to still go through the motions without harming themselves. With so many government regulations currently being put on cigarettes, vaping also gives smokers more freedom. Many restaurants, bars, and stores don’t mind the water vapor. The taste is another huge factor for those that enjoy this. The liquids can be customized to appeal to even the pickiest pallet.

There are great companies that sell a huge variety of different flavors with different concentrations of nicotine. This gives people the versatility to really enjoy the product while they control how much nicotine they’re actually absorbing. Whether your goal is to quit altogether, or to just enjoy the act of vaping, these are great products. What started out as a disposable e-cigarette sold in convenience stores and gas stations has made its way all over the world! People have created reusable models in all shapes and colors. There are modifications available that change the way that these work. It’s important that these modifications be done by a professional shop, or they can malfunction.

With such widespread popularity, it’s no wonder that vapers are showing up all over the world. You can now buy great products online, and have them shipped right to your door. You can mix and match flavors, and control your nicotine on a strict basis. A simple online search can show you where to get the best E juice in Australia. Whether you’re buying locally or having it shipped from another location, you can always get exactly what you want. One of the most interesting developments in the world of vaping is competitions. These are held for a variety of different reasons all over the world. These are just a few of the more popular gatherings:

The Vaper Expo UK

This is a huge gathering held in the city of Birmingham. It gives vapers from the UK a place to get together and compare and share new products. It attracts some of the absolute best of vaping companies from all over the world, and now several different competitions. One of the most popular competitions here is the cloud competition. This is where vapers compete to blow out the largest cloud possible. This is judged by vaping professionals or the audience depending on the type of competition. In order for the contest to be fair, there are certain stipulations that must be adhered to before vapers are allowed to participate. Obviously, they need to be using similar mods and products. This way, the one with the most lung capacity wins.

The VapeShow in Moscow

This is a gathering that is as much a meeting of like-minded people as a huge party celebrating the vaper culture. There are brands from all over the world being represented here, and coming together to display their wares. They have everything from cloud chasing competitions to occasional trick competitions. Some participants that do well enough end up getting sponsors of their own. This is a great way to take your love of vaping to the next level.