How to Use Vape Batteries Safely?

Beginners often think vape batteries are just like remote-control batteries. Please correct yourselves if you think of this; they are not. If anything, they are super powerful cells that need much care and caution.


Unfortunately, most vape pods come without instruction manuals; hence, safely using their batteries is a little complicated challenge. In this brief, we will discuss the ten ways to help you use vape batteries safely.

1.    Wraps & Re-Wraps

One of the basic tricks in the big old book of keeping pod batteries safe is ensuring that you keep wraps intact. Re-wrapping is highly recommended if you spot anomalous nicks on the vape pod’s battery wrap. It is worth mentioning that battery wraps are usually very cheap and easy to put on.

If you run out of wraps, you can find them at your nearest shop. Furthermore, most vape vendors are happy to wrap your batteries for free. All it takes is a mere minute or two. Finally, you can watch a YouTube video to do the thing yourself.

2.    Ensure That You Are Using Right Batteries

How much do you know about vape batteries? Sometimes, it is better to beef up your knowledge before entering the vaping world like a pro. For example, some batteries are ideal for low voltage vaping. Then, some batteries are a perfect pick for sub-ohm vaping. Oh, and some batteries aren’t supposed to be used for vaping! 

Read through the specifications carefully before you make a decision. One excellent set of resources is the independent battery reviews published by pro-vapers on the internet.

3.    A Case for Your Battery Case

Please never mistake chucking your batteries in a hand carry or putting them in the pockets. Use a battery case instead. The plastic versions are available at nearly every vape shop and will cost you very little. It is not just for the battery’s safety but for your safety as well.

Once your battery comes in contact with any metal object, the chances of a short circuit can increase drastically. Battery cases are available in various materials and are a perfect solution to the challenge of short circuits.

4.    Say No to Counterfeits

Sony. Samsung. Panasonic. Three absolute legends, right? Well, the thing with greatness is that it attracts unwanted carbon copies. Counterfeits are rampantly available in the market when discussing these three brands.

Vaping batteries are no different either. Hence, when you are battery shopping, it is imperative to ensure that you are purchasing batteries from a vendor that has a great reputation. The real ones will stand out; you can easily spot them. You have to do your market research meticulously.

5.    Chargers Matter

Vapers tend to charge their mods with anything they can lay their hands on. This is a trend that we observed in the novices and pros alike. But well, it is not the most advisable thing to do. Using a dedicated external charger for charging your batteries is highly recommended.

It is not going to cost you more than the price of a bottle of your favorite e-juice. But what it does promise is a longer life for your vape mods. Spend some more dimes, and you will get diamonds in return! 

6.    Negligence During Charging Isn’t Acceptable.

Vaping mods have batteries that require care and caution when charging. You cannot follow your laptop or mobile charging code of conduct, i.e. leaving your electronic devices unattended at night. We recommend you keep an eye on the charging event and unplug your stuff as soon as the charge is finished.

7.    Draining Kills Your Battery

We know you love vaping with a passion without a doubt. However, draining your batteries isn’t a great idea. That’s because, with lithium-ion batteries, your vaping pod battery tends to lose its capacity over a certain period of time.

Therefore, when purchasing a mod, please ensure you buy one with a battery level indication. By not draining your batteries completely, you are prolonging your battery’s life.

8.    Overheating Messes Up Things Like Nothing

Some vape mod manufacturers like to label the claim in bold letters that the battery can tolerate extreme temperatures on both sides of the spectrum. Our question is: why would you want to test their limits? 

We mean to say, operating vape mods at a high temperature will undoubtedly strain your batteries. That indirectly means that your vape mod battery will age faster than normal.

Have you seen those cool-looking lunch coolers? If you live where temperatures get extreme, you can try stowing your batteries in them too. However, it is best to carry the batteries in their cases.

9.    Pairing Batteries Is Beneficial

You may be using a vaping device that uses more than one battery. In that case, using batteries of the exact nature in a paired manner is highly recommended. Think of this as a standard safety practice that you should follow. Keep Replacing Batteries

10. Replacing and Recycling Old Batteries

The age of a battery is often measured in the number of cycles it can churn out. By a cycle, we mean the shift from an event of full charge to full discharge. The thing with lithium-ion batteries is that they begin to lose their strength and overall capacity when they are used extensively for a more extended period.

When you notice your battery charging unconventionally, get the hint. It is time to replace your battery. Usually, a vape mod’s internal battery is replaced after every six months to a year. Recycling old batteries is another safety practice you should adopt as a pro-vaper.

Chucking batteries in a trash can is highly inadvisable. Instead, please dispose of them in a dedicated battery disposal box. Following safety instructions in this regard is a must.

Final Thoughts

So, there you are. Unfortunately, we have run out of time and space for this brief. Hopefully, your vaping mod battery maintenance knowledge has increased considerably after reading these lines. On that optimistic note, we bid you farewell from this brief.