How To Rewrap Vape Battery

Why do you need to rewrap your batteries? 

Vape batteries are a lot more powerful than your daily remote control batteries therefore it requires a bit more look after. Taking care of your batteries will also protect you from unwanted accidents where your devices catch fire or explode from the faulty batteries. Learning more about batteries from our article to protect yourself and your devices!

Check your Wraps

Check Your Battery Wraps

How To Rewrap Batteries:

Step 1 :

Start by removing the old wrap completely. Always start from the bottom of the battery to reduce contact with the positive terminal. Either use your finger nail or start it off with a hobby knife.

DO NOT puncture or scratch the metal casing.

Keep the small circular paper insulator as you will be re-using this in the next steps. Check the outer metal case for any signs of damage. If at this stage you do find a puncture in the metal case, discard the battery! It is NOT safe!

Step 2

Prepare the new wrap and slide it over the battery. Be sure to leave approximately 3mm overhang at the top and bottom of the battery

Step 3

Next place the paper insulator on the positive terminal. If the paper insulator is damaged, replace with a new one

Step 4

Use a hairdryer to apply heat to shrink the wrap around the battery. I usually start at the bottom of the battery, working my way to the top. Make sure the hairdryer does not blow away the paper insulator! This has happened to me more times than I care to admit.

Step 5

That’s it. You’ve successfully re-wrapped your battery. Make sure the wrap fully covers the battery and is intact. If you are not fully happy with how you’ve wrapped it, take it off and start again!

Step 6

You may want to add a label onto the battery noting its Continuous Discharge Rate (CDR), mAh, Voltage (V) and Current (A)  so you know its characteristics. You could always add the date at which the battery was purchased so you know how old the battery is.