How to Preserve Your E-liquid? Some Common Must-Follow Steps

Vaping is the new in-thing these days, and very rightly so, as this is far healthier than conventional smoking. It adds more fun, and with e-liquids coming up with newer flavours these days vaping these juices takes the stoners to cloud nine – literally.

We at Vaper Choice come up with, along with other vaping accessories, a wide range of e-liquids with various flavours, giving you a number of options to choose from if you are one of the big league of vapers.

One of the most frequent questions that our customers come up with is, whether our vape juices turn bad?

The answer to this question is – YES! They do turn bad, regardless of their class and quality. Every e-liquid with nicotine in Sydney irrespective of the class and quality comes with an expiry date. Naturally, it is best to use them before that date.

Even then, you need to follow the following procedures to ensure that your e-liquid does not turn bad or unsuitable for use as long as it is within the expiry date. These e-liquids are by no means, too cheap. Hence, why be careless and lessen their lives even before they usually expire?

Store them in dry, cold, dark places


Light, moisture and heat are the enemies of these vape juices. That is why our products are always stored in bottles that are made up of tinted glass. This prevents light from coming in and affecting the liquid inside.

You can at best store them at the refrigerator, as it will provide that ideal dark, dry and cold storage ambience that the liquid demands.

In case you have to follow any alternative way of storing, a dry box can be a suitable substitute for a fridge. But in that case, do not forget to place the box in a dry, dark place, away from heat and light.

Make Sure That The Liquid is Properly Sealed


This is another essential point that you must follow. Do not let air creep in the container with the vape juice. If and when air gets in contact with the e Cigarette nicotine liquid in Australia, oxygen present in the air interacts with the nicotine and creates cotinine, through the process of oxidation.

Thus, the liquid loses nicotine and lose much of the magic. So you see, if you do not take care of the juice or do not store it properly, the liquid is bound to go bad long before when it is supposed to after it goes well beyond the expiry date.

Some Symptoms That Show Your e-liquid Has ‘Gone Bad’


Now a red flag! After all these, you need to keep an eye on your vape juice to see if it has in fact, gone bad. There are some tell-tale signs of your e-liquid going bad.

  • The colour of the liquid changes
  • The thickness of the fluid changes – it reduces
  • The smell changes – it becomes pungent and corrupted

But then, if you buy nicotine liquid in Australia that is superior in quality, you can be sure you will not have to see these symptoms that easily if you take adequate care of the juice.

That is why, you need to turn to Vaper Choice, for the best vaping accessories with the best e-liquids. Call us now or write to us and our experts will help you out further!