How to Clean Vape Pods?


Owners of pod vaping systems are well aware of their challenges during their vaping experience. One of the most foreboding challenges among these is that of cleaning the vape pod. It is a bit of a nasty surprise for the beginners when they discover the gunk that has been building up in their pod all this time.

dotmod_dotaio_v2_Orange_VaperChoiceIn this article, we will discuss the challenge of cleaning vape pods in detail and how you can clean vape pods to perfection. We all know that vape pods don’t come with penny price tags. Hence, taking care of them can save you from many future expenditures.

Reasons for Residue in Your Vape

Back to the basics, the residue that disgusts you builds up in your vape because of certain persistent ingredients in the e-liquids you have been using all this time. Such liquids don’t fully convert to vapors when they are heated.

Their final destination is the atomizer coil; the residue keeps building up slowly over a long period of time. An oblivious vaper notices it first when the coil surface becomes wholly coated with these vapors. The nasty, burned flavor you get when you vape is a clear indicator of things deviating from the usual pattern.

Prevent Coil Gunk in Pods

Next up, is prevention. We mentioned the persistent ingredients in the previous section, most of which is sucralose. Sucralose is a sugar-free sweetener. Sweet liquids are a weak point of vapers all over the world. No wonder sucralose is one of the most adored substances for vapers worldwide. Believe it or not, some vapers out there don’t consider spending on sucralose-free e-liquids worth it.

While we are not contesting sucralose’s popularity, e-liquids containing it can reduce the life of your pod drastically. When exposed to heat, sucralose doesn’t vaporize entirely and cleanly. Instead, its response is pretty much like sugar, i.e. melting and caramelization.

When vaping an e-liquid containing sucralose, you can expect a little hit of sucralose coupled with most of it sticking to the coil. There, it forms a flavor-ruining gunky layer.

Now, you can switch to an unsweetened e-liquid. That is like your option number one. By doing that, you will reduce the amount of gunk that forms automatically. So, you don’t need to clean your vape pod every day; you can use them for week(s) easily before needing to replace them. But keep reading if you like the flavor of your sucralose-enriched e-liquid! We will share the step-by-step guidelines that can help you clean a vape pod.  

Your Step-by-Step Guide for Cleaning Vape Pods

We have mentioned earlier that knowing how to clean a vape pod can help you save a considerable investment in your vaping ventures.


Apart from that, it also provides you that mental peace that goes missing in your life when you have to clean your pleasure-providing pod vaping systems every day. So, without further ado, let us jump to the steps you need to take to clean a vape pod.

  1. In the first step, please fill a large bowl with hot water (please wear protective gear when handling hot water). It would be best if you can pour some very hot water, but please don’t add boiling water. We recommend that because vape pods are made from plastic. Once you add the boiling water, the plastic will melt and create a mess that you certainly don’t want to ruin your vaping experience.
  2. In the next step, please open your vape pod’s filling hole. If a vaper uses a pod featuring a removable coil, he or she must remove the coil too. Please put both of these items in the water. Here is something interesting for you. You will notice that your vape pod will float. Why does that happen? Because they are hollow! Hence, to make your pod fill up with water, you will have to hold the pod down. Submerging the pod is essential; otherwise, cleaning the pod will be extremely tough.
  3. Some swishing action is coming up next. That’s necessary for providing the agitation needed for breaking up the residues. Soak and swish are the way forward. Don’t worry if you see some dark flecks floating around. That is bound to happen if your pod comes with a non-removable coil.
  4. It is time to empty the bowl and add some more hot water to it. The swishing must go on until the dark flecks disappear from the water. That’s an indicator that your coil is clean. Please note that you may have to rinse your pod if you are using a pod that comes with a built-in coil.
  5. Well done. You are almost done. In the last step, tap the pod against a paper towel. Doing that will help you get rid of most water molecules. Give your pod and coil enough time to dry up around 3-4 hours or you can use an air duster to speed up the drying process. After that time, you can resume vaping and enjoying your sweet sucralose-enriched vape juice! Your pod system’s maintenance is done.

There might be a few tweaks and minor adjustments that you might have to make, depending on the vaping device you are using. However, the general approach remains the same.

Cleaning & Burnt Vape Pods: Decoding the Relation

So there you are, fellas! Now you know how to clean a vape pod. But there is one last thing that we still haven’t shared with you, which we think you should be aware of too. Cleaning a vaping device is only going to get rid of burnt flavor residue on the pod coil. If the burning flavor is because of damage to the wick of the pod, then you have to replace your pod/coil.

There is no playing around in that case. Hence, making that distinction between the wick-damaged burning flavor and coil residue. If you are a novice, you now know what to do. If you are a pro, you know everything about your coil and cartridge. On the optimistic note that may you enjoy your vaping experience, we bid you farewell from this space!