How Long Does a Vape Battery Last

Most beginner vapers buy vape devices, inspired by advertisements and attractive discounts. It’s only a matter of time before they understand the reality and start turning their head towards ideal specifications.

Vaping can be enjoyable when you have the best vape gear, including a powerful vape battery that delivers ultimate performance.

Honestly, a decent battery capacity and battery life are essential for vaping. Choosing the correct type of battery is as crucial as selecting a dependable vaping device.

Besides, you should know how long a vape battery lasts. That way, you can keep your vape device powered for uninterrupted vaping sessions.

Battery life depends on the vape device specification and the usage pattern. Frequent vapers always empty their battery much quicker, and the same applies to cloud chasers and sub-ohm vapers.

On the other hand, intermittent vapers require only so much battery, and they can live a happy vaping life with a moderate battery capacity.

Besides, many other factors can boost or bring down the vape battery life. Let’s explore everything about the vape battery life, ideal battery capacity, and the best ways to choose the type of battery that suits your personal preferences.

Battery capacity vs specification

There’s no such thing as a better vape battery. The performance of any battery depends on the capacity Vs. Consumption. If your battery capacity is low, the device should consume a low battery to run. If you want to get the best out of your rechargeable battery, choose the correct specification.

For instance, a disposable e-cig battery comes with a comparably low capacity but still manages to deliver a decent performance. It is because e-cigs require significantly less energy to burn e-juice.

Also, they are usually non-regulated and don’t come with LED screens and other power-consuming features.

If you buy a regulated vape mod with customization features and an LED display, you should make sure the battery capacity is relatively high.

A single 18650 battery may not last long when used on a high-end vape mod with features like variable wattage, voltage output, temperature control, and ohm reader, and battery level indicator.

Type of battery

Make sure you compare your lifestyle and the type of battery before buying vapes online. If you are an office goer, you may get the opportunity and time to recharge your vape battery.

If so, you don’t have to worry about the battery performance or capacity. However, if you are a frequent vaper, a rechargeable battery is not the best fit for you. It is best to go for replaceable batteries.

In some cases, people may not be able to carry their vape devices inside their offices. Such people should opt for a removable rechargeable battery.

That way, you can take the batteries inside to recharge them for later use. Also, you can keep additional batteries to enjoy uninterrupted vaping sessions.

Frequent travelers are the ones that suffer due to poor battery life because they may not be able to recharge the batteries very often.

Also, people who often go camping and trekking might face similar situations. Using vape devices with replaceable batteries is the best way to enjoy vaping without recharging.

Vaping style

Cloud chasing is one of the famous vaping styles that consume a lot of battery power. Likewise, sub-ohm vaping also consumes a lot of battery power.

Both cloud-chasing and sub-ohm vaping go hand in hand. Both vape setups involve low-ohm coils, thick e-liquids, and high voltage output.

That said, you need a considerable amount of battery power to produce massive clouds and intense flavors.

If you love cloud chasing or sub-ohm vaping, be aware that it’s going to take serious battery power. So, it is best to spend time researching the specs and the type of battery before buying a vaping device.

If it is an in-built battery, the capacity should be more than 3000Mah to keep your device powered for a few extended vaping sessions. Else, choose a vape device that runs using replaceable batteries for a better vaping experience.

Battery capacity vs power output

Voltage output and wattage output indicate the amount of battery power required to burn e-liquids. High power output drains the battery swiftly and vice versa. If you want better battery life, make sure your device’s power output is relatively low. 

Let’s assume device X deploys 5V to power a 2.0ohm coil and device Y deploys 4V on the same coil resistance. If both devices run using a 3000Mah battery, device Y will last somewhat longer than device X. However, high power output produces intense flavors and massive clouds.

If you are keen on producing huge vapor, choose a vape device with high battery power along with customization features. That way, you can increase or decrease the wattage or voltage output as and when needed, which will help you conserve battery power to a great extent. 

How to extend battery lifespan and reduce the charge cycle?

No matter what’s your battery size, if you don’t conserve energy, you’ll end up killing the battery quickly. There are a few things you can do to increase battery lifespan while enhancing your vaping experience. 

Switch it off: Vape devices are not cell phones to keep them on even after your vaping sessions. You should switch off your vape device immediately after your session. That way, you can bring down the charge cycle, save more power, and extend the battery lifespan efficiently.

Recharge responsibly: When you charge the battery very often, you only bring down the battery lifespan. Instead, it would help if you recharged the batteries only when the battery level goes below 10%. Also, don’t let the battery drain entirely because it takes more energy to recharge a fully depleted battery.

Avoid overcharging: Expensive vape pen batteries and mod kits come with overcharging protection, which may not be available in all vape pen batteries. So, it is best to unplug the vape device when it is fully charged.

Don’t overload: Using bigger vape tanks on small vape mods may lead to overload and hanging issues. Use only optimal vape tanks and coils that your battery can handle. That way, you can ensure safety while enjoying a higher battery lifespan.