How Long Do Vape Coils Last and When Do They Need Changing?

Seasoned vapers know that replacing vape coils is vital for their basic maintenance and functioning. Your vape experience pretty much depends on the smoothly-running coil. New vapers, who do not know their coil is dead and needs a replacement, are usually turned off of vaping altogether because of the unpleasant experience.

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Using a coil beyond its lifespan will hamper the vaping experience. Knowing when to replace worn-out coils is important to extend your vape’s lifespan because neglecting this crucial job will result in buying a new vape mod sooner than was required.

So today, we’ll be talking about the five key signs that’ll let you know your vape coil needs changing so that you can use your device to its full potential without damaging it.

A Little about Vape Coils

For all the newbies reading this, you need to understand the importance and function of a vape coil head.


Vape coils are among the most important components of an e-cigarette device. They heat the e-liquid in the device and convert it into vapor. Coils are made of a wire housed inside the vape mod’s cartridge. They are generally made from resistance wire that is covered by cotton in synthetic foam or fiberglass.

Healthy vape coils are essential for a smooth-tasting vaping experience – using a burnt coil way past its lifespan results in a terrible unpleasant taste that puts many vapers off without realizing that this scenario can be easily avoided.

How Long Do Vape Coils Last?

Now this question doesn’t have an exact answer.

The lifespan of a coil differs from individual to individual, based on personal vaping habits. Generally, new coils are designed to last between seven to 21 days, but this will also vary depending on how you care for your device, and how often you clean it.

That having said, most vapers change many coils every year, so don’t hesitate to stock up.

5 Signs You Need To Change Your Vape Coil

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Now that you know why it’s so important, here are some easily recognizable – and some less obvious – signs displayed by your vaping device which means it needs a new coil.

1. Burnt Taste

This is something most vapers experience and is usually the most prominent sign that your coil needs to be changed.

And it’s undeniably horrible – a burnt coil leaves an extremely unpleasant and acrid taste in the back of your throat, which can even make you feel like throwing up!

This indicates that your wick and coil materials are probably burned, and you’ve used them to their full capacity.

2. Gurgling Sounds from Your Device

Certain vaping devices do give out gurgling sounds, but this could also mean that there is some underlying issue with your e-cigarette or mod. For example, your tank could be flooding, or your coil might need replacement.

Sometimes, gurgling can also happen if you’ve just replaced your coil but haven’t quite placed it correctly in your device. In this case, unscrewing and reattaching the coil to make sure all the holes are lined up properly can make the unpleasant noise go away.

If the loud gurgling persists, get in touch with your Customer Services Team.

3. Vape Tastes or Sounds ‘Odd’

This is another sign most vapers will experience if they’ve burnt out their coil.

Here’s what will happen: you’ll be using the same e-liquids you usually use, but the taste and hit just won’t be the same anymore. They could taste dull, strange, or might not appear to have any flavor at all. And in some cases, the e-liquid itself might appear darker than usual, or as if other colors from your cartridge are mixed into it.

Also, in some cases, the vape might be blowing big clouds, or the wick might ‘sound’ a certain way – experienced vapers can easily identify these signs.

All these changes indicate that your wick and coal have become overly-soaked with other e-liquids, and that’s why you can’t experience the right flavor anymore. Bottom line: a coil replacement.

4. Coil Is All Used Up

This depends not only on how often you replace your coil but also on your vape usage.

  • For heavy vapers who use their devices several times a day, a coil change might be needed after every few days.
  • For regular vapers, the coil could last about a week or two.
  • For casual or irregular vapers, a coil change is sufficient after every four weeks.
  • If you’re not sure about your vaping habits, keep a record of when you replace your coil, what e-liquid you use, and when it starts to smell, taste, or look bad.

But as a general rule of thumb, consider coil replacement for your e-cigarette or vape mod at least once every month.

5. E-Cigarette Leaks

Lastly, if the e-liquid in your device keeps seeping into your tank or battery, you should conduct a detailed check-up of your vape mod or e-cigarette.

Here are a few steps you can take:

  • Take your device apart, clean it thoroughly, check whether the batteries are in good condition, and reassemble it cautiously.
  • If the device is still leaking, take out the coil head and inspect it carefully, and look for a possible leak.

If you can’t find any problem using the above tips, a coil replacement is what you should go for. Hopefully, that’ll solve your problem and you won’t have to replace your entire device.

Bottom Line

How often you change your coil head depends on how much and how often you vape. However, most vapers suggest the optimal usage be somewhere between two weeks to a month – that too for light users. For passionate vapers, the coil might need changing after about a week or two.

But as we’ve described above, the best way to determine when your coil needs to be replaced is to track the signs we’ve talked about. This way, you’ll extend the lifespan of your device, and also avoid any unpleasant tastes or smells coming from your burnt or over-used coil head.