How Do You Know What Wattage to Vape At?

Smoke rings are fascinating for every one of us but do you know how vapers do these tricks? By adjusting the wattage!

A wattage tape influences your vaping experience in many ways. Besides cloud formation, it affects the flavor of your vape juice and its feel in your throat.  You can customize the heat and power of your e-cigarette by adjusting the wattage on your device. So, it is essential to know what wattage to vape at.

Explaining Wattage

Wattage represents the amount of power used by your vape device. By adjusting the wattage, you change the temperature of the vape coils that vaporize the e-juice. This temperature affects the formation of vapors, flavors, and the throat hit of the e-liquid. Therefore, you can customize your vape device based on your desired taste and preferences by adjusting the wattage.

Now, if you are confused between voltage and wattage, then remember they both are linked. Wattage is how much energy your vape produces, whereas voltage is how much power flows through the device. So, as if you increase the wattage, the voltage also increases, and if you increase the voltage, the wattage also increases.

So, what is the ideal wattage?  Stay with us to find the answer.

What is the Ideal Wattage?

Beginners often ask this question, but unfortunately, there is no universal answer to this. It all depends on your vape device, how comfortable you are with vaping, and what effects you want to create. But you can find the perfect wattage to vape at through trial and error.

Generally speaking, smaller pod kits starts from 10-20 watts while bigger pod mod kits ranges from 40-100 watts. Though the new equipment can run high power but above 50 watts is what we call advance use.  Vaping between 40 to 50 watts is exciting as, at this level, you start to distinguish the subtleties in your e-liquid flavor, and the details like denseness of vapor and hit to the throat also begin to come out.

Before playing with the wattage adjustment buttons on your vape mod, keep a few things in mind.

1. Check the Suggested Wattage Range

Manufacturers often recommend the operational wattage range for the vape device. Look for this wattage that is mentioned on the coils. It is wise to adjust the wattage of a newly installed coil near the lower limit of the suggested range and then slowly increase it to high wattage.

2. Know your Smoke Preference

The wattage range mentioned on the coils is just a suggestion.If you like to vape with a warmer and thicker vapor, then you should think of turning up the wattage. Vaping enthusiasts adjust to a high level to form smoke rings and play other tricks with the enormous clouds they produce from their device. But again, bear in mind to not exceed beyond the suggested range as it will ruin the coils.

Secondly, more clouds mean more e-juice consumption. Vaping at 40 to 50 watts means you are consuming 10mL of e-juice each day.

On the contrary, if you like cool vape clouds, turn the wattage down. Moreover, it is more economical to use low wattage to vaporize the less amount of vape juice.

3. Experiment with Flavors

You can enjoy different flavors by adjusting the wattage on your vape device. For example, e-juices with sweeter and creamy flavors tend to give a great feel to your taste buds at high wattages. Moreover, intense and more decadent flavors like tobacco, coffee, and chocolate taste better when they get hotter. On the other hand, fruity flavors such as blueberry, peach, and menthol work best with less heat exposure.

Moreover, by tailoring the wattage, you can experience the subtleties of your e-juice and enhance its flavors.

4. How You Like the Throat Hit

Throat-hit refers to the sensation like how it feels in the throat with your first puff. This effect occurs before your e-juice reaches the brain. Some vapers like a more substantial hit, while others prefer a mild one.

If you want a more significant impact, turning up the wattage is beneficial. When the coils work at a higher wattage, it produces more vapor and gives a smoking-like feel. Vaping at high wattage is best if you want to quit smoking. But remember that vaping at high wattages drains the battery rapidly, so make sure you charge your battery well and have back-ups.

But if you like to have a smooth throat hit, reduce the wattage to a low level.

5. Wattage and Vaping Style

Some vapers like to take long and deep puffs that last for a few seconds, so adjusting the wattage is essential for them. If you set the wattage high for such vapers, it burns the wick as the coils vaporize all the liquid before you finish up your puff. So, it is wise to set your device’s wattage near the bottom of the coil’s suggested range. But if you take a short puff, you can tune up the wattage without any worry of damaging your vape coils.

Moreover, you should also consider the airflow. Vape coils get warm at high temperatures, so open the airflow to prevent them from getting very hot. But if you like to vape with tight airflow, then you should vape at low wattages.

Key Takeaways

  • High wattages do not mean better vaping. Instead, it can damage coils and ruin the flavor of your e-juice.
  • Always start with low wattage and gradually increase it to determine what best suits you and your device.
  • The ideal wattage depends on your vape device, how powerful it is, and your vaping preferences and style.
  • If you are still confused about what wattages you vape at, consult with one of our experts or try using a vape wattage calculator to find the correct wattage.