Hold on! Is EVERYTHING Fine with your E-Juice?

Having a modest to good e-juice from quality vaping product manufacturers is indeed, one of the most crucial aspects of vaping. Undoubtedly, but for a modest e-juice, your vaping experience will turn out to be a whimper. It is possible for your e-juice to turn ‘bad’ at the drop of a hat if it is not of good quality. Hence, it is imperative that you opt for quality e-juices from reputed companies like Vaper Choice.

We come up with the best and the most perfectly manufactured e-juices from the very best brands that have a long shelf life. However, in spite of being the very bests, e-juices DO expire after a certain period. There are a number of reasons behind this. Improper storage and sealing, a long time of keeping them idle are the main reasons why they expire.

Now the question is, how will you know if your e-juice has gone bad? Even a product purchased from the very best vape shop of Liverpool will show some telltale signs that will unmistakably tell you that all is NOT well with your e-liquid.


When the e-liquid expires, it in most of the cases causes a content separation. In a quality e-juice, the heavier parts will precipitate to the bottom, and it is a normal sign. However, if the precipitates do not mix with the rest of the liquid even when the liquid is shaken a few times that will tell that the liquid is soiled.

The Colour Changes

As and when e-liquid expires its colour changes. Some quality e-juices may undergo a slight change in colour with time, but that is normal. If there is a drastic change in colour after a certain period, that means there is something wrong with the e-juice.

The Odour

Under normal circumstances, the smell of e-liquid corresponds with the respective flavours. When the juice expires, it will have an altogether different odour that will be entirely different from the usual smell.

The Thickness

In most cases, e-juices lose their consistency once they expire. For example, if the liquid is thick, then it thins out after the expiry, and just the opposite happens for the ones that are thinner under normal circumstances.


If you have opted for a variety of e-liquid with nicotine in Sydney, its nicotine content will drastically decrease. It will be understandable, as when you vape you will not get the desired amount of nicotine. This is a huge sign, which says the life of the liquid has ended.

The Taste

Finally, yet importantly, it is the taste of the e-liquid, which will say it all. The taste will change drastically. Even if there are no visible changes, but the taste drastically turns different, there are high chances that the liquid has expired.

While all these are telltale signs of an expired e-liquid, how quickly the liquid will expire wholly depends upon the quality of the juice. That is why it is always important to look for a superior quality product from a reputed company like Vaper Choice. We make sure that you get your money’s worth for a quality vaping experience.

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