Geekvape Aegis Touch T200 Kit Review


If you have been vaping for some time now, the name Geekvape wouldn’t be unfamiliar to you. However, for the sake of novices reading these lines, let us tell you that Geekvape is a leading vaping manufacturer worldwide. 

Geekvape t200 aegis touch box mod

The Geekvape vape products are available in more than one category. You can find Geekvape dominating charts in vape mod, pod vape, and sub-ohm tank, to mention a few. One of the most popular hits in recent times is the Geekvape Aegis Touch 200 T200

In this post, we will review this box mod in detail. It has plenty of great features like its colored screen and waterproof nature.


The first bit that we would like to comment on is the design of the Geekvape Aegis Touch T200 kit. Nice is the first word that pops to mind! It represents a rectangular shape that is typical of such dual battery mods. However, the differentiating point is the rounded backs and edges. The idea is to give the mod a thinnish look. 

It feels pretty nice in the hand, which matters most in the end. One of the biggest perks you get with this mod is its grand touchscreen. The screen is 2.4 inches in size, and as we mentioned earlier.  

We know some of you are worried about the scratches or scruffs; well, it is resistant to them all right. Probably, this mod features one of the most responsive screens. Just a quick suggestion: please ensure you are not using it with dirty fingers. The rubber on the device isn’t excessive; it is kept in check.


We have already mentioned that this mod features a large touchscreen and a rubber element. So, if some of you think this thing cannot survive a big drop, well, we understand your apprehensions. 

Some users risked their money and put the device to durability tests. From dipping the mod in the ice-cold water to dropping the mod on the carpet, hardwood floor, and concrete, it was put to tests of all sorts. The touchscreen was tested for resistance as well. We are happy to report that the Aegis T200 passed all these tests.


There are multiple features of the Geekvape T200 that make this mod an amazing choice for both novices and pros. It is pertinent to mention here that this device features all of the modes you would normally expect in a Geekvape mod. However, it is the UI and the touch-control nature of this device that are attracting all the eyeballs. 

In this Aegis touchscreen, you will find modes such as SMART, Power, TC-SS, TCR, VPC, and By-pass. Briefly discussing its details, SMART is the mod recommended for novice users. The power mod is the mod we recommend if you have been vaping for some time. The wattage can be set between 5-200 watts. To turn on this mod, you must press the fire button five times.

Geekvape Z Sub-Ohm Tank

One of the great perks that you get with the Geekvape T200 kit is that you also get the Geekvape Z sub-ohm tank. The tank’s model is 2021. It features two bubble glass tanks. These tanks have the capacity to hold 5 ml of e-juice. By nature, it is a top airflow tank. 

The great thing about this model is that it is certainly leak-proof. Geekvape Z features a series of coils. Users can choose the coil of their choice from the five different varieties available. These five varieties include 0.4, 0.25, 0.20, 0.15, and 0.15-ohm coils. There are quite a number of choices there, right? It is this variety, along with its functionality, that makes this vape kit such a preferred choice for novice, amateur, and professional vapers.


Now, let us review the performance of the Geekvape T200 kit. Sure, the looks are great, but how does it do on the performance meter? Excellent is the word that sums it up nicely. We say so because the parts of this kit have a tremendous user rating. And when we add up these mini reviews, it is not very hard to comment on the overall performance of this vape mod with confidence. 

We feel that the 0.15-ohm coil works best with 80 watts. The vapor that you get from this combination gives a perfect flavor. If you feel like pushing the wattage up to 90 watts, you can do that as well.

Draws are important, not just in the champions league but in the vaping world as well. It is possible for the vapers to experience either a direct lung or restricted direct lung draw. It mainly depends on how they set up the airflow. 

Furthermore, it is possible to use the Geekvape Z Aegis T200 vape with other tanks as well. You can do that in the power mode. There is no effect on the performance whatsoever. The output is stable, and the draw is consistent. 

It is this non-specificity that makes this product such a great choice. There are some question marks on the battery performance, but then again, it eventually depends on how much life you are sucking out of it!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is so much to love about this vape kit. The pros definitely outweigh the cons, which helps us to say with confidence that the Geekvape T200 kit is a solid purchase. 

We hope that you learned plenty of new stuff about the Geekvape T200 kit from this review. Of course, there are plenty of features of this amazing pod that we couldn’t discuss in detail in this brief, primarily because of the limitations of time and space. 

Nevertheless, we are quite optimistic that you are a lot wiser about the functionality and modality that Geekvape T200 brings to the party.