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Everything You Should Know About Five Pawns E-Liquids


The emergence of gourmet liquids is synonymous with the emergence of Five Pawns. For professional vapers, this has been the brand to go to ever since it entered the vaping market. Five Pawns E-Liquids has been known for the many interesting flavors that it came up with. In this brief, we will have a detailed look at the creative thought process of Five Pawns.

How has this California-based company established itself as one of the leading players in the vaping world? Some go as far as declaring Five Pawns as the number one e-liquids option in the USA! A Five Pawns bottle is considered a status symbol in the vaping world. We are going to discuss all of it in this brief!

A Brand of Style!

Presentation is one of the strongest points of Five Pawns. The company has fancy bottle designs; these are cylindrical cardboard boxes by design. The brand logo is etched stylishly on these bottles. We know some of you are interested in reading the information on the label. You will find the usual suspects on the label; these include the product name, the ingredients, the nicotine percentage, and flavor profiling. 

Besides these, you will also find the batch number, bottling date, and signature of the brand’s founder. We know some of you are skeptical of all this information sharing. Trust us, with the thousands of other competitors in the market, these little details matter the most! Five Pawns, from its original series till today, has a unique style to offer to its competitors.

Five Pawns E-liquids Flavors

Five Pawns has been with us for nearly a decade now. No wonder it has expanded its flavor range. Many amazing flavors have dominated the vaping market courtesy of the flavor quality that they have to offer. The hype around any e-juice from Five Pawns makes all the sense in the world once you give them a try. In the following lines, we will discuss some of the absolute hits from this renowned e-liquids brand.


This flavor is indeed a checkmate to the average Joe of the vaping world out there. It presents a balance of peanut butter and banana cream that is quite hard to compete with other competitors. The velvety caramel seals the deal, projecting a symmetry that is hard to resist.

FIVE PAWNS – GRANDMASTER – 60MLNow, we must mention it here that the combination of peanut butter and banana cream is something that is quite hard to pull off. But hats off to the Five Pawns; they have done an amazing job. There is no case of one flavor overpowering the other, which is really surprising. When you inhale, the banana dominates. When you exhale, the creamy butter wins. It is a little on the rich side, that is for sure. But overall, it is one amazing pick for any pro vaper out there.

Castle Long

Kentucky Bourbon, coupled with toasted coconut and roasted almond, is the key highlight of Castle Long. Madagascar vanilla beans and caramelized brown sugar are the toppings that not many vape juice brands feature. No wonder Castle Long is one of the most popular brands to come out from the house of Five Pawns. Its richness and creaminess are superb, to say the least. Not too sweet, not too bland, it is just perfect! One has to take off their hats to Five Pawns for coming up with such a creative product.

Kingside Tobacco- Burley Berry

Now, you must not make the mistake of confusing this product with the ordinary tobacco vapes out there. This one is a banger! It emulates the Burley tobacco leaf. But what makes this product even more so special are the barley, hops, and berries, which make you feel on top, coupled with the smooth tobacco taste. We see some raised eyebrows, and we totally get it! Tobacco and berries aren’t really a combination that many of you feel excited about on a daily basis. But we promise you; you will feel very differently once you give it a go!

Five Pawns Kingside Tobacco e-liquid

Elo Tobacco- Brazilian Citrus

A citrusy, earthy, smooth kind of product that features sweet tobacco flavors. This is yet another product that reflects what tobacco and fruits can achieve when coupled together. One word that might describe the Elo Tobacco-Brazilian Citrus properly is mellowness. When you inhale this one, you will feel a very juicy lemon taste on the inhale. But then, it transitions into a very mellow tobacco hit. We love the sweetness level of this juice as well. It is adjusted well enough to complement the whole aura of this product. It is a little different take on tobacco, but it is a great one for sure!

You are trying to figure out which one of these Five Pawns products is the best one. Well, the answer to this question is a subjective one. It depends on multiple factors. The most important of these factors is your approach to vaping. What is it that appeals to you the most? Is it the smell? Is it the taste? Is it the combinations? Are you after something quirky yet delicious? You must ask yourself all sorts of questions before you swap your credit card for a Five Pawns product. Remember, researching in advance can definitely save you a lot of trouble later. So plan well in advance!

Final Thoughts

We have reached the concluding point of this brief. But we are optimistic that you learned plenty about this amazing brand and the many vape products that it offers to its customers. Of course, there are many other quality brands present in the vaping market as well. However, under this price tag, you will struggle hard to find such quality products.  

We encourage you to explore the various vape products that this brand has to offer, and to make an informed decision about which products are right for you.