E-Cigs Are Marked As “ Safe Alternative” To Regular Cigs- Is It True?

E-Cigs Are Marked As “ Safe Alternative” To Regular Cigs- Is It True?

The number of e-cig users is increasing with every passing day. And strange enough, many turned to this unit as a means to quit conventional cigarettes. And while there are so many claims of them not being safe for use, many present users have claimed it to be a ‘Safer Alternative to regular cigarettes!’

‘E-Cigs Aim To Deliver Nicotine In A Safe Manner…’

cigarettes were designed to present avid smokers a safer alternative to their regular cigarette consumption. And although it is true that NO FORM OF SMOKING IS HEALTHY, e-cigs have helped many quit their smoking habits.

The prime aim of developing e-cigarettes was to deliver nicotine levels effectively and safely (which is in sharp contrast to the amount of nicotine that enters the body from regular cigarettes). They contain way less toxic ingredients to its conventional tobacco counterparts that incorporate 5,000 DIFFERENT CHEMICALS- 81 OF WHICH ARE CANCEROUS TO HUMANS!

‘More Points In Support Of E-Cigs…’

Most e-cigs operate using a heating liquid solution which is heated in a high enough temperature. In doing so, it produces aerosol, which is inhaled by the users. These solutions are more commonly referred to as e-liquids/e-juices, and it typically includes nicotine juice, Propylene Glycol, and flavouring.

One pleasing thing to note is the FOOD & DRUG ADMINISTRATION approves most flavourings and humectants employed in e-cigarettes for responsible inhaling. This is because aerosol produced contain tiny chemical particles from both the device and the liquid solution- much like heating coil metals! So, controlled consumption is what is highly recommended.

How Much Nicotine Is Present In An E-cig?

Strangely, this is one of the most convenient aspects of using electronic cigarettes! The nicotine levels are highly variable. And if one chooses to quit nicotine consumption completely, they can easily procure e-juices having 0-MG nicotine.

As for those who want to continue their smoking habit using this safer alternative, they can customise their nicotine use as per their intake.

They Are As Follows:-

3MG- This is for e-cigarette users who wish to step down from higher nicotine levels, or who earlier used to consume 6-9 cigarettes previously.
6MG- This nicotine concentration is appropriate for users who were light to moderate smokers consuming 10-15 cigarettes every day.
12MG- This is a relatively high nicotine concentration meant for heavy cigarette users who used to smoke 20-25 cigarettes previously!

Final Verdict!

It is still not clear whether electronic cigarettes are potentially harmful as conventional cigarettes. However, it does provide avid smokers conveniences that they would never get from their regular smoke. Moreover, it contains fewer toxins and helps you control the amount of nicotine that enters your body.

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