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E-Cigarette Liquid – How opting For The Right Flavour Helps?

“Hazel, my better half, was angry – to start with! She was not particularly fond of the e-juice I was vaping. She never liked the odour and that, frankly speaking,ruined my nights, more so the weekends! She stopped getting cozy and stayed away from me…categorically. She kept on insisting that I change the brand ASAP! And she was getting increasingly impatient.

That rang alarm bells in me, and I started looking for a flavour that will suit me and most importantly, Hazel. And then, I came across Vaper Choice, who has in its kitty the best e cigarette liquids in Australia. And that changed everything!!

I had opted for the Fizzy Juice grape flavour, and that was a hell of a choice! Hazel liked it and that restored normalcy in my life! That was the first time I came to know about the power of an e-juice in the life of someone like me, who likes to vape at the end of a hectic day! Indeed, an hour of so in a thick cloud of smoke makes my sleep all the more comforting!”

So that was Hristov Walken from Dudley Avenue, Bankstown Central. Indeed, that has been the story all over, of the fizzy grape flavoured e-juice that we have at our disposal.

Well!!! That was not a one-off incident with those e-liquids! We have other stories to tell, as well. Take, for instance, the tale od Casper Illingworth from Sophia Street in Surry Hills.

“I had been vaping for quite some time now, but never enjoyed it, to be frank! That was much due to the lack of knowledge about the right vape juices. Whenever I had a vaping session, that left me with a bad taste in my mouth – in a literal sense, and I coughed in bed at night.

So that wasn’t a very nice thing to go through, I must say, till I got to know about Vaper Choice. I visited its Surry Hills store at Shop 1/336 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010 and that visit left me stoned. There were the best nicotine vape juices in Australia that I could have longed for, and the bloke out there helped to opt for the best range of juices.. .the Aqua from Marina vape.

It is one of the most popular and best-selling e-liquids in Australia and not without reason. All the flavours are clean and crisp with refreshing blends of tropical fruits that range from papaya to pineapple, and from kiwi to peach. Indeed, these fruit concoctions from Aqua have taken me to cloud nine – always.!!”

I have tried all of them and believe me, every single one of them…Pure, Flow, Mist, Oasis, Rainbow Drops, Sour Melon rocks! And though they give me the much-needed kick, they never hurt my throat, and I do not cough any more!”

So you see, these are the tales two of the vapour juices that we have in the offing for our valued customers. If you are in search of a quality vapour juice or the best electronic cigarettes in Melbourne for some out of this world vaping experience, call us at Vaper Choice.

You can call our Bankstown Store at 0414 493 893 or Surry Hills Store at 0420 355 533 during the respective business hours. Our business reps will be more than happy to assist you out.