Drip Tips Guide: 510 vs 810 Drip Tip Difference

Drip tips. Fancy right?

Well, it all depends on the context it is used. For vaping, the drip tip is the small, often detachable mouthpiece of an e-cigarette, atomizer or vapourizer. The term was originally coined in response to its original use with RDAs where the e-juice is dripped through the tip at regular intervals in order to keep the wick moist.

Today, however, the drip tip serves for both purely aesthetic purposes as a detachable mouthpiece or a functional purpose as a flavour and vapour quality enhancer.

Drip tips are of various types and there is a drip tip for every style. But with all shades, the drip tip is usually either a 510 drip tip or an 810 drip tip size.

The Stylish Drip Tip

The drip tip is an accessory of style; it accentuates the smoker’s personality and projects his sense of style. So, it is no surprise to find vintage wooden carved drip tips, colourful mason carved stone drip tip adapters, drip tips made with glass, plastic and the even more daring ones, the hybrids for every useful pleasure. The drip tip is broken into a drip tip port, drip tip thread and drip tip adapter.

Top connoisseurs of e-cigs and vapes, advice that in buying drip tips, that you look past its beauty and built to how heat resistant they are and how they fit your purpose.

Some common drip tips by material include:

  • Plastic: The plastic drip tip is inexpensive and easy to replace. Plastic drip tips are better at displacing heat, allowing vapers to enjoy a full session of hits without making their lips feel uncomfortable. Plastic drip tips are heat resistant, soft, easy on the lips, colorful, and available in virtually every style of tip.
  • Metal: Metal drips are made out of Aluminum or Stainless Steel but for the more expensive options, you can have them made out of Titanium and or Gold. While the metal drip tips look great, they retain heat. 
  • Glass: Glass drip tips are an expression of art. Quite fragile and in many ways impractical but because they are heat resistant, they provide a comfortable vaping experience. In fact, many have argued that vape tastes better with glass.
  • Stone: But for the price which is well worth it (if I would say), the Stone Resin drip tip is the best there is. The drip tip is incredibly durable, bespoke and really great at resisting heat. Every stone drip tip is unique, allowing your setup to stand out from the crowd.
  • Wood: Wood isn’t the most common material for drip tips owing to some psychological disadvantage but if you find one crafted and finished finely, they are worth their weight in gold. Wood drip tips look very beautiful and are very great at resisting heat. Choose wood drip tips only if you are certain of the manufacturers stance on quality. You would find top quality drip tips made from various materials including wood on our website.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid tips are made by mixing and matching different materials to produce drip tips with distinct characteristics. The hybrid combines the strength of both materials to produce a drip tip that is superior. For instance, a combined glass and metal hybrid would offer a smooth lip-feel and heat resistance of glass, combined with the looks and durability of metal.

Besides the materials from which they are made, drip tips are differentiated along the lines of size. There are basically 2 sizes of drip tips, 510 drip tips and 810 drip tips sizes. Let us consider the 510 and 810 drip tips sizes, taking a closer look into how they differ from each other.

510 vs 810

These are the two most common size drip tip sizes you would find in any shop across Australia. Both tips would perform the function just right, but there is some uniqueness to each of them. 

The 510 tips are narrow and the 810 tips are wide. The 510 drip tips are the original standard and have been so for many years. They measure around 8.5 mm in outer diameter at the base and can have a varied bore.

Although the 510 drip tips have been around for very long, the 810 drip tip is the new standard.

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