DotMod DotAIO V2 Review

If you have a slight idea of vaping, you understand how wonderful it is to have all the best features in one device. Dotmod DotAIO V2 is touted as an all-in-one device. It comes with a fully adjustable system, wattage up to 75w, stealth mode, color-changing display, and a tank system compatible with the original DotAIO tank. In addition, it has an LCD screen to display all settings and parameters.

DotMod DotAIO V2 is the version of DOTAIO released by DotMod. Though similar in format, DOTAIO V2 emerged to fulfill the demands of the vaping industry. The DotAIO V2 is the latest device from the American manufacturer and one of the most awaited products.

This version of the DOTAIO has new Soft Touch doors, a clear Drip Tip 510, and a color screen to check the settings.

Let’s check how it is set up and how it works.

Design & Style

The DotAIO has one of the cleanest and aesthetically designed vape mods. It’s a compact box that fits an external 18650 chipset and boro-style pod in a sleek and elegant manner.

The DotAIO V2 has an aluminum outer shell, but it is plastic on the inside and a combination of plastic glass on the side panels. The DotAIO V2 measures at 77.8mm x 45.2mm x 22.7mm. It weighs only 70g without a battery. The side panels are also incredibly smooth to touch and barely look different from the matte aluminum ones. They produce the shimmering prism effect when light falls on the glass side panels.

Regarding the design and technical features, DOTAIO V2 is likely to fulfill your vape requirements. It also works well with a 18650 battery (not included).

The most remarkable quality of this mod is the new magnetic doors making it easier to access the box. In addition, the”Plastic Glass Soft Touch” makes for a very soft grip of the device. DOTAIO V2 is a modernized version that is light in weight and comfortable to use, again thanks to its Plastic Glass Soft Touch design.

It is highly customizable. You can change the doors and the screen color. In addition, the accessories are compatible with the new version, such as the DOTAIO RBA plate or the classic DOTAIO tank. The DotAIO V2 can also use a variety of accessories of the first generation.

Additionally, all-atom tanks supported by version 1 can also be used with  Dotaio V2. You can also use several coils compatible with the DOTAIO V2 tank.

Moreover, the DOTAIO V2 Kit has 2 Drip Tips. The box appears as a fashion accessory, and its technical qualities give each vaper a unique experience.

DotA V2 has a detachable tank with a capacity of 2.7ml. In addition, it has the newest V2 coil, which is shorter. DOTAIO V2 is available in black, red, royal blue, and silver when speaking of the colors.

Features & Functions

The DotAIO V2 is a single 18650 mod with a maximum output of 75W. It has an adjustable chipset allowing for 0.1w changes. DotA V2 has four different power settings

Ø  Power Mode

Ø  Bypass

Ø  Temp Control (Ni/Ti/SS)

Ø  Auto Mode

Auto mode is quite similar to the previous device from DotMod, where you can set the power based on the coil resistance.

Besides that, you can check the battery status from the LED ring near the fire button. The LED colors give the battery percentage as follows

  • Green Light = 61-100% (3.85V-4.20V)
  • Blue Light = 21-50% (3.55V-3.85V)
  • Red Light = 1-20% (3.30V-3.55V)

You can easily navigate through the menu; here is the short rundown of the DotAIO V2 version

Ø  Press the fire button for five times= on/off

Ø  Press the fire button four times = locks adjustment buttons (can still fire)

Ø  Press the fire button three times = Menu –  select the power mode

Ø  To navigate the menu, you can use the +/- buttons and fire button to select

Ø  Settings (in the Menu) – can change screen color, stealth, or brightness.

The DotAIO V2 also provides dry burn protection by simply cutting the current when the e-juice level is low; thus, your coils last longer.  

Another essential feature is the USB Type C port for charging. It supports fast charge, and you can also vape while charging your vape device.

Moreover, the device has all the usual safety features and a ‘deep sleep function. After 10 minutes of inactivity, your device will enter into a sleep mode to reduce battery consumption.


As far as the performance of the DotAIO V2 is concerned, it works flawlessly. The ‘Auto’ mode works similarly to the original DotAIO. The Power mode provides the extra adjustment in 0.1W, so you can have the power settings of your own choice.

Regarding the DotAIO V2 tank, it is neither good nor bad. It is okay in working.  The coils (0.7Ω) and DTL (0.3Ω) deliver very good flavor, and the draw is super smooth. You can have greater juice capacity on the tanks with those RBAs.

The new whistle-style MTL tip has a small bore, meaning you lose a little flavor and that real tight MTL. However, you can also use the device with any 510 style drip tip, so it shouldn’t be a problem for most users.


  • High build quality
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient and simple to use
  • 4 Power modes
  • Clear and bright screen
  • High performance from the coils
  • Efficient battery consumption
  • Compatible with old DotAIO accessories


  • Stock coils are good but not great
  • Pricey

Bottom line

The DotMod DotAIO V2 is the much-needed upgrade from the DotMod. The fitting of the adjustable board and the LCD screen are the highlights of this device. It is the most advanced and stylish AIO available on the market. But with excellent features and performance comes its heavy price. Except for that, it is generally great to go with!