does e-jucie expires? how long does vape juice last?

Does E-Liquid Expire? How Long Does Vape Juice Last?

The Concept of Expiry Date In Vape Juices

First things first, yes. Vape juices do have an expiry date. But when discussing expiry dates, we should read things in combination with the term shelf stable. It means that your vape juices will not become unfit for consumption for a long time. It is believed that, on average, e-liquids have a shelf life of two years. However, this is a short answer; multiple factors can influence this number. Not only are we going to look at these numbers in this brief, but we are also going to answer many questions regarding this topic. So, without further ado, let us begin!

The Standard Shelf Life of An E-Liquid

There are two key questions that you must ask yourself before you set out to determine the standard shelf life of an e-liquid. What type of vape juice do you consume, and what are the key ingredients found in it? The answers to these two questions have a massive impact on the overall expiry date of e-liquids.

The mention of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin is crucial in this debate. Propylene glycol can prevent degradation over a long period. Hence, you can relax if your vape juice has a high percentage of propylene glycol. It is not going to go bad anytime soon.

But provided that you handle and store the e-liquid well enough. Vegetable glycerin is also an essential diluent in this discussion. So, when you are out shopping for an e-liquid, ensure that the one you are swiping your card for has a good percentage of these ingredients.

Then, there are the conditions that impact how long your e-juice last once you open it. While giving an accurate time by which an e-liquid will turn bad is almost impossible, you can always tell by certain signs. The key sign is the e-liquid turning darker than its normal condition. This happens when the nicotine in an e-liquid is oxidized when exposed to oxygen. Typically, this doesn’t happen if you store the bottle well enough after opening it.

What If the E-Liquid Goes Bad?

We have shared a sign of your e-liquid going bad in the previous lines. Now, we expand on this subtopic further in this section. Alteration in the composition and taste of your vape juice is the biggest sign of things not being in an ideal state anymore. If the sips taste different, you need to stop for a moment and analyze it. In some instances, there is no difference in the taste at all, which is understandably super confusing. If you aren’t able to smell the vape juice in your bottle properly, it is another sign that there is something wrong with your e-liquid. Unfamiliar smells or a decrease in the lessening smells are your aides in detecting bad e-liquids.

Vape Juice

The composition of vape juices is such that they feature multiple ingredients, some of which are denser than others. So, if the ingredients aren’t shaken for a long period, they will begin to separate. The thicker components settle down at the bottom. Have a look at the vape juice that you are using consistently. If it features thicker components, then definitely, your vape juice has gone bad. Now, we know what you are thinking; shaking will mix up everything. Unfortunately, no! This is not how things work in the case of vape juices.

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Can You Consume E-Liquid After The Expiry Date?

Now to answer the question that has been swirling in your mind from the word go! Well, as is the case in most instances, expiry dates serve as a guideline. It doesn’t work exactly like things becoming unusable on the afternoon of 15th March 2024. But still, just to be on the safe side, we will not exactly advise you to use an e-liquid that has gone bad recently. Especially don’t use it if you aren’t able to smell it or taste it. It may not harm you, but it will ruin your vaping experience. Surely, compromising that experience over a few bucks is hardly the choice that any professional vaper will be willing to make.

The Right Way of Storing Vape Juice

As you may have noticed, we have put a lot of emphasis on storing vape juices the right way. So, what’s the right way, you may ask? Well, it is best to store e-liquids away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Similarly, if you are placing it somewhere where there is direct exposure to oxygen, then expect the vape juice to turn dark courtesy of the oxidation. So, for storing your e-liquids, we will recommend a dark cupboard that features room temperature. If the temperatures are too high, then keeping them in the fridge makes sense as well. However, do this only if you are having a scorching summer!

Steeping Vape Juice: Yay or Nay?

For those of you who aren’t well familiar with the term, steeping means letting the vape juice mature over a long period to develop a better flavor. But if you aren’t careful with your timing, then it can overstep a little, which means that the flavor will become weaker. Also, the steeping period for different e-liquids is different. Hence, one has to be careful when dabbling in this kind of business.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you learned plenty from this brief about the shelf life of vape juices. As you might have noticed, vape juices aren’t exactly like orange juice. There are multiple factors that can ruin their consumption, thereby making them unfit for human consumption. But as long as you are taking care of them in a proper manner, you shall be all right. As a pro vaper, you might already be familiar with the social and financial aspects of vaping. Keeping those in mind, it becomes even more important that you store your juices properly so that they have a long shelf life!