Difference Between Atomiser, Cartomiser and Clearomiser

New to vaping experience and confused about terms and jargon like atomiser, cartomiser, and clearomiser, are you? Do not panic! We are here to simplify and dissect these terms for you.

No matter how fancy the words vape companies use, it’s not difficult to grasp the concept and function of a vape if you know its basic components. So before wasting any time, let’s get started.

1. Atomisers

An atomiser is a device that converts liquid into fine droplets, mist or vapors. These are the very basic component of e-cigarettes and are present in other types of vape devices like cartomiser and clearomiser etc. The atomiser holds a limited quantity of e-liquid so it is preferred by people who use the dripping method, switching between e-liquids for different flavors. [Dripping is one of the vaping methods where the individual drops one to two drops of their desired e-liquid onto the coils].

The limited capacity is one of the few reasons that atomisers are not considered a good choice by regular vapers who travel a lot. Atomisers are mainly different from cartomisers and clearomisers by their open designs. You can install wicks and coils on your own but for this, you require skills and delicacy. Cleaning and maintenance of atomiser also becomes a great task so are suggested to use only advanced vapers.

Inside of an Atomiser

Atomisers are the simplest among all other vaping tanks. It consists of a thin wire that is wrapped into a coil. When power is applied, the energy transmitted to the coil is converted into heat. An absorbent material, cotton or silica rope is inserted in the coil or surrounds it. It sucks up the e-liquid from the tank through capillary action. On the top is a cap that controls the passage of air to prevent excess heating up of the coils and controls the overall flavor. The base of the atomiser that contains positive and negative posts for coils is the deck.


  1. Vapers can easily switch between their desired juices.
  2. The flavor is more pronounced in dripping, provided that the atomiser is clean.
  3. Inexpensive and simple design
  4. Larger decks are used for coils in atomisers, so larger coils can be employed. The larger the coil, the greater the surface area, and resultantly, the greater the vapor production.
  5. High or low resistance coils can be used depending on the mod specificity. Mods with single or smaller batteries can be assembled with high resistance coils. Less power flow will preserve the battery so it lasts longer.


  1. Using atomisers can be messy. You may spill the e-juice everywhere if you are not adept at vaping through atomisers.
  2. You will need a proper setup for dripping; hence you cannot just take out your e-cigarette and start vaping.
  3. Vaping through atomisers is not suggested to newbies as you need time to learn about its use.
  4. If you vape a lot then you will need to continuously refill the atomiser because of its limited capacity.
  5. It’s hard to judge how much liquid is remaining inside the atomiser.

2. Cartomiser

Cartomisers are somewhat similar to atomisers and often referred to as ‘extended atomisers’. These have a cartridge where a greater quantity of e-liquid can be placed as compared to atomisers. Instead of organic cotton or silica as wicking material, cartomisers use poly-fill fiber. Cartomisers are used in starter kits which are easy to use. These are disposable pen-like vaping devices. Most cartomisers have dual coils which give lower resistance to the flow of current so more vapors are produced. But the problem with the two coils is that they drain the battery rapidly. Greater in size than atomisers, cartomisers are useful for extended vaping sessions.

Cartridges are now diminishing and can rarely be found in any vaping shops. With the advance in technology, today the e-cigarettes have atomisers that can hold greater amounts of liquid than the previously used atomisers. Moreover, the untidy task of refilling the atomisers is also made elegant and easy.


  1. Cartomisers have greater a capacity for e-juices.
  2. They come in prefilled and pre wicked form.
  3. Disposable and portable
  4. Handy device for beginners
  5. Low on the pocket


  1. Can leave an unpleasant taste in the mouth.
  2. Must be filled at a specific angle using a syringe to avoid filling in the air hole.
  3. Dual coils drain the battery at a faster rate.
  4. Flavor and vapor production are not the best in comparison to atomisers.

3. Clearomisers

Clearomisers are the latest and most used of all vaping devices. These have in them the best features of the vaping devices discussed above – atomisers and cartomisers. As the name indicates, clearomisers have a clear or see-through tank from which the quantity of e-juice left can be easily seen. These have greater capacity as compared to both atomisers and cartomisers, holding up to 1mL to 8mL of liquid. Its components can be adjusted according to your choice. You can choose the type of coils, wick, tank, and replace them altogether. So it’s the best choice for beginners. The heating coils are separated from the liquid tank. Wicking material is placed between the tank and coils that supplies the liquid to be converted into vapors. Clearomisers can be easily filled and a best for vapers who do not like carrying liquid bottles with them.

Clearomiser Structure

Clearomisers have a separate tank to hold the liquid which is made of pyrex glass. Organic cotton is used as a wicking material. Bigger coils can be used in clearomiser as the liquid and coils are stationed in different chambers. Most clearomisers also have a dedicated build deck so coils can be easily replaced. Clearomisers with small tanks are portable whereas the ones with larger tanks can provide longer vaping sessions. A variety of coils like top coils, bottom coils, or multiple coils can be used in clearomisers, each giving a different vaping experience.


  1. Clearomiser can hold a larger amount of e-juice.
  2. The see-through tank makes it possible to determine the exact amount of e-juice left.
  3. The wick system gives a better flavor delivery.
  4. Rebuildable, by replacing coils of your own choice.
  5. Clearomisers with top coils give a warm vaping experience similar to that of smoking a cigarette. Bottom coils give a more intense flavor. Multiple coils clearomisers give a massive cloud of vapors.


  1. Expensive than cartomisers and atomisers.
  2. Suffers from leaking of e-juice, depending on the design.
  3. Multiple coils consume more power from the battery.
  4. It may retain flavor from the precious liquid.

Bottom line

Vape devices come in different designs, each giving you a different vaping experience. Knowledge of the atomisers, cartomisers and clearomisers is necessary before you put your hand on any vaping device. Go for the design that best suits your schedule and taste. Do not hesitate if it’s heavy on your pocket, after all, vaping can become a pleasure or a nuisance depending on your vape tanks.