Vape Juices Australia – How To Choose The Right One


Why is the brand of vape juices Australia you consume important: the brand is relevant for the same reason with any other product. There are a brand that promises only premium vape juices Australia, safe ingredients and well-developed flavors.


One of the things that have most people like about vaping is the sheer choice of vape juices Australia flavors.   There are literally thousands of flavor options for any style and palette.

It helps to try out different flavors from different vape juices Australia before zeroing in on your usual what could become your usual. Figure out the kind of vape juices Australia flavors you prefer and experiment with different options that match your taste.

In general, you have a few key vape juices Australia flavor categories:  Tobacco, Fruit, Mint, Beverage,  Bakery and Dessert.


Different vape juices Australia have different nicotine contents of vape juices Australia that you can see marked on the label.  If you’re someone making a switch from cigs to vaping and are used to, you might require vape liquid with higher nicotine content  – usually 6MG for a Subohm tank or possibly higher for a lower power atomizer.   The most common nicotine level (and what we recommend for the best flavor) is 3MG. Since nicotine is illegal to be sold over the counter in Australia. There is a way for you to do is that order nicotine separately then mix it in your vape juices Australia to your preferred content.  You can find the formula here


There are two commonly used vape juices Australia bases when it comes to E-Liquid. One is PG, which is short for polypropylene glycerol. The other is VG which is short for vegetable glycerin. As a rule of thumb, PG based vape fluid types offer a stronger hit whereas VG types are better known for producing thicker smoke clouds.

There are, however other differences you can look into between the two.

Almost all vape juices Australia offer a blend of VG/PG and usually have this on the label. Cloudy Heaven uses 70/30 VG/PG on our regular freebase E-Liquids and Fcukin’ Flava uses 50/50 .


When it comes to price, there is a fine balance between the right quality and the right price. As a given rule, there are some extremely pricey brands and flavors worth trying. At the same time, it helps to be wary of vape juice that seems too cheap to be true. These could be brand knock offs or not manufactured in the best conditions.

Our exclusive brands from Malaysia such as Cloudy Heaven, FCUKIN’ FLAVA and ASAP Juice offer such high quality and best in flavors.

Look for midrange prices and go up from there and you should be okay!