If you’re looking for new ways to experience your flower and enjoy a discreet and portable device you can take on the go, THC cartridges and CBD cartridges will fuel your vape pens for endless potent sessions. Take a look at one of the best collections of CBD and THC cartridges in Australia and make potent flavour extraction and a smoother vapour feel your new standard of weed vaping.

From spare concentrates and dosing needles to vape pens, THC and CBD cartridges, batteries and electric nectar collectors, we carry an expansive selection of products to help you build an impressive rig. Whether you prefer the convenience of disposable pod vapes or want a high-performing reusable model that allows you to customise the control settings, we have everything you need to produce a vapour that stimulates your senses with a low output, so you can stealthily vape on the go.

Refillable oil cartridges are an easy and cost-effective way to vape THC and CBD oils. To get started, you’ll need an empty 510 cartridge and a 510 thread battery. If you plan to mix oils yourself, we provide the essential tools needed to do so including empty bottles and mixing syringes.

Discover a new way to consume oils and concentrates at Vaper Choice

Whatever setup you choose, you can find a CBD or THC cartridge in Australia from the leading brands, including Justfog and XMAX, that will give new and experienced vapers an irresistible session that can last all day. Explore our entire collection at Vaper Choice or visit us at any of our store locations to view our new arrivals and sales items and design your concentrate vape that matches your needs and preferences. Need some product recommendations and don’t know where to start? Don’t hesitate to contact us for helpful advice.


What are CBD and THC cartridges?

THC cartridges or CBD cartridges, otherwise known as carts, are used in THC and CBD vape pens and work like a pod vape. They use a reservoir and coil system to vaporise cannabinoid oil, so you can enjoy its stimulating effects without using combustion, which can tarnish its terpenes and flavour.

How do THC and CBD cartridges work?

These devices feature a vape pen’s body containing a battery and chipset and a CBD and THC cartridge fitted with a mouthpiece, a coil and a reservoir to hold your cannabinoid oil. Their coils heat your cannabinoid before it reaches its combustion point, allowing it to vaporise and release its botanical extracts, which are absorbed by your respiratory and endocannabinoid systems.

What is the difference between CBD and THC cartridges?

Most CBD and THC cartridges in Australia are compatible with both cannabinoids and allow you to enjoy a full spectrum mix of the two if you want to consume a broader range of terpenes and combine their psychoactive and therapeutic benefits.

How should I store and handle my THC and CBD cartridges safely?

We recommend storing your CBD cartridges and THC cartridges in airtight containers in cool and dark places to shield them from exposure to sunlight, moisture and air to prevent oxidating your weed oils and tarnishing their flavour. For the best handling standards, use a lockable container and store it in a place that is out of reach of minors.

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