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Mechanical & Squonker Vape
A squonker is a vaping device that carries a silly name, but offers improved performance for many vaping enthusiasts.

Squonkers first emerged in 2009 and 2010. For years, a small, loyal, and growing contingent of vaping enthusiasts, joined by YouTube-based aficionados, have promoted this different device design as the future of vaping.

Although around for years, only recently have squonkers received much attention from the vaping community or critics. They offer a number of features that our customers find not only improvements but essential to their enjoyment of vaping.

Squonkers carry a different design than most other mods. Instead of a tank at the top end of the device, squonkers are fed at the bottom where the tank is located. Most Squonkers also have more tank capacity than typical mods.

This alone renders squonkers more convenient for vapers always on the go, but they have another distinctive feature that excites their fans: squonkers do not dilute or inhibit the flavours of the juice, providing a full-flavored hit.

One of the main inhibitors against squonkers going mainstream has been the price. No longer. Vaper Choice’s squonker selection comes with more accessible prices.

We urge customers purchasing squonkers to use them properly and to not deviate from directions as they are yet unregulated.
Our Selection of Mechanical/Squonkers
With more attention from the vaping community focusing on squonkers, Vaper Choice has put together a solid selection of quality devices.

The DotMod Squonker is designed for the experienced vapers that are after an affordable option for their everyday use.  This mechanical mod requires regular maintenance for optimal functionality, and offers two options for refilling your bottle. Those using this or any other squonker need to have strong familiarity with device components and battery safety before purchase and use. 

Although reasonably priced, the DotMod Squonker offers a sleek, lightweight design matched with great durability for that superior feel in your hand. The DotMod Squonker is customisable in that you can change the look with two doors and is available in a variety of colours. 

Additionally we feature the Topside Dual Squonker Mod created by Brian Herb from the The Vapor Chronicles Youtube channel. This is a new version of the highly popular squonker with improved power and battery life. Now featuring 200W of regulated power it still has the simple top filling and easy to use interface as the previous version. 

This innovative squonker comes in a variety of colour ways and a new premium edition with enhanced aesthetics and performance.  This premium edition was created in a partnership with YiHi for the ultimate combination of contemporary design – lightweight, scratch resistant and looks and feels amazing to the touch. 

Check out all of our squonkers and the rest of our broad spectrum of vaping products. We carry a full range of mods, pods, kits, juices, and accessories. All of our selection features brands known for durable construction and a quality vaping experience.

We welcome you to experience Vaper Choice and see why our customers use us as their hub for all vaping needs. 

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