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Premium Vape Kits
Vaper Choice offers a range of premium kits, each meeting high standards of design, function, and durability. Premium kits are built for discerning vape users and include more sophisticated features perfect for experienced users.

In most cases, the mod in a premium kit will have a more robust and hand-friendly design. Often times, they include superior battery capacity for longer periods between recharging. Many have DNA chips that provide users maximum levels of control, with touchscreen capability.All kits include mods and all necessary accessories to provide the best possible vaping experience.
Our Wide Selection of Premium Kits
We have a broad range of premium kits for a variety of user tastes and needs. Many love the elegant design and superior function of the Uwell Nunchaku 2 kit. Available in four colours, including iridescent “oil slick,” the mod offers a durable and minimalist exterior with full levels of control inside.

The stainless steel and polycarbonate exterior does not simply look great, but is built to last. Dust and humidity resistance also protects vital interior electronics.

What the Uwell Nunchaku 2 offers the most is versatility. It can accept three different types of batteries. Users love the feature that allows one to simply move the mod in one direction or another to increase or reduce power.

Our selection also features two other top quality Uwell premium kits.

Vaporesso, one of the most popular devices among both consumers and critics, has set the standard for quality, durability, and user friendliness.  We offer three different kits from this manufacturer to fit a range of customer budgets.

Very affordable, but still meeting Vaproesso’s high standards of performance, the Swag II Kit offers improvements over the first Swag model. By crossing the original design with a Pico-style body and other changes, Vaporesso reduced the size and weight. The smaller design does not skimp on durability or performance because it includes an AXON chip that gives five times more power for increasingly intense hits.

We also offer a range of selections from popular brands, such as Geekvape, SnowWolf, and Voopoo.
Check Out Our Full Selection of Quality Vaping Merchandise
Don’t go to a gas station or discount store to buy cheap and easily broken pieces that offer little in the way of features. At Vaper Choice, our experienced team is fully immersed in the details and culture of this popular global pastime. We can help you learn more about how to get a better vaping experience.

Check out all of our starter kits, mods, juices, and accessories today at Vaper Choice. Experienced vapers make our one-stop shop their default choice for all their vaping needs.

Also, if you are ready to move from cigarettes to an alternative to smoking, rely on us to provide the best advice anywhere.

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