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Mini Pod Vape Kits
Pod systems give smokers another means to easily transition into vaping. They dial down the technology and the features, giving users a simpler way to vape. The pod itself has a low pull, but users can select from a number of different pod strengths to replicate the mod experience.

Quality pods also provide beginners the easiest possible way to enjoy vaping for those turned off by cheap discount e-cigs or complex mods. Devices using this design put all of the components, such as coils, into a pod. They even have the capability to deliver a more intense hit than some mods.

While a local discount store has a number of cheap options, those who seek the best results come to our selection at Vaper Choice.
Broad Selection of Mini Pod Devices
While still geared for beginners and others who want an easier pod, the Lost Vape Orion DNA. It features all of the convenience of a pod with technology more often seen in a mod. The chip allows a maximum of 40 W but with three-step wattage control.

The exterior impresses as well. Crafted from polycarbonate, it offers durability with a lighter weight. Lost Vape tops this pod off by offering a beautiful array of different eye-catching designs.

It should come as no surprise to learn that Vaporesso also has a number of popular pods. Its PodStick carries a stated ambition to be “the best of both worlds,” when it comes to design and performance.

Vaporesso offers its PodStick in two varieties, one for limited DL and the other for MTL vaping.

The PodStick has a minimalist brass exterior with black accents. Inside, however, the PodStick bristles with technology and features. For those who want the convenience of a pod and the options of a mod, Vaporesso has delivered.

A more portable stick shape, three power options, and a 900 mAh battery, give the PodStick a more well-rounded experience than cheaper models. It also lives up to the hype of being the best of both worlds.

Tiny but mighty, the Smok RPM 40 Pod Mod delivers more power from a smaller package. Its 1500 mAh battery and 4 mL tank top many others in the same class. The RPM 40 also has a 40 W limit, but offers the full range of wattage options.

Not only small and powerful, the RPM 40 also has one of the most rapid deliveries in the industry. The firing time is an astounding .0015 seconds.

Smok’s secret lies in its revolutionary IQ-R chip that provides high-end style performance into an affordable product accessible to almost any user.

For beginners and experienced vaping veterans alike, Vaper Choice offers the best range of mods, pods, juices, kits, and accessories. Many consider us their one-stop shop for all vaping related products.

Check out Vaper Choice today for all of your vape device needs.

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