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Take a break and relish the full flavour from your vape juices with Vaporesso

Looking for a vape that is just a little bit ‘more’? More power, more control and more flavour? Pick up the latest releases from Vaporesso at Vaper Choice and curate a flavour and vapour-boosted experience to satisfy all your cravings. Explore our expansive collection today and find a Vaporesso pod vape, mod kit and a suite of coils to chase clouds with the high performance demanded by one of the leading brands in the market.

Upgrade your vaping with our new arrival Vaporesso vapes

Whether you want to get your fix from our edit of Vaporesso Gen devices, looking to push your DTL vaping with our line of high-wattage Vaporesso Target vapes, or just want to enjoy the convenience of our Vaporesso XROS collection, you can find all the core releases and many specialty ranges from our online vape store.

From a hassle-free Vaporesso pod vape to a Vaporesso vape that gives you more control to customise wattage, airflow and temperature control settings, you can find a device that puts the power in your hands to design a satisfying experience. With an ergonomic build that feels great in hand and exciting colourways finished in metal with leather and carbon fibre detailing, you can find a Vaporesso vape to match your aesthetic and become your most stylish accessory to bring out on a break at work or on nights out.

Shop the best collection of Vaporesso vapes in Australia at Vaper Choice today

Ready to blow clouds like a pro and enjoy the full tasting notes of your favourite vape juices? Add your favourite Vaporesso vape to your shopping cart; we’re sure you’ll never look back. With free nationwide shipping on all orders over $100 and our sale section, it’s never been easier to buy vapes in Australia. Need help choosing between our products? Feel free to reach out any time — we’re here to help.



What is Vaporesso?

Since 2015, Vaporesso has become a leading global brand offering a suite of pod vapes, mods, tanks and coils that extract potent flavours from your vape juice and clouds that fill the room from one puff.

With constant research and development, and a constantly evolving product range, you have all the devices and accessories needed to curate a sensory experience and a steady supply of pods and coils on hand to support your Vaporesso pod vape and mods.

How do Vaporesso vapes work?

Similar to other devices, Vaporesso vapes feature a coil housed within a pod cartridge or tank that heats and vaporises your e-liquid to produce flavourful plumes of vapour without using combustion. They can be activated by either drawing from the device or pressing a button and are battery-operated, making them perfect for on-the-go cloud-chasing.

How do I choose the right Vaporesso vape for my needs?

For people new to vaping or want a discrete device that can fit in their pocket, we recommend starting with a Vaporesso pod vape. These devices often resemble pens or USB sticks and allow you to conveniently refill the cartridge and puff away without getting your hands dirty changing coils.

Want an amplified experience or the capability to switch between mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping styles? Upgrade to a Vaporesso vape mod kit that enables you to toggle between various wattage, voltage and temperature control settings, as well as the choice of using different coil sizes. Many of these mods are equipped with standard 510 connectors, enabling you to further personalise your kit by incorporating new tanks and atomisers.

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