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SX Mini Vape Products

SX Mini or YIHI is a leading vape technology company focused on improving and innovating vape technologies, enabling better outcomes across the vaping world – from software to hardware, chips to mods, to atomizers and coils.
YIHI leverages advanced technology and long research and consumer insights to deliver integrated vaping solutions. Headquartered in Changping Town, Dongguan City, the company dedicates to pursue the perfect vaping experience for vapers worldwide.
There’s nothing “mini” about this brand, but their name hearkens back to their roots as one of the best manufacturers of vape mod chipsets. SXmini built their reputation from the inside out. From rugged camo to sleek metallic red, their vape mods are not only a feat of engineering but also head-turners as well. With SXmini’s newest devices, they’ve elevated the vaping game, and above that of other electronics’ industries with features you might expect to find on a mod from the future.

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