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SMOK Vape Products

If you’re after a vape that’s been honed from years of experience, research and testing, SMOK or SMOKtech is the one brand you need in your collection. With one of the best selections of SMOK vapes in Australia at Vaper Choice, you can choose from the latest high-powered devices that are designed to help you blow clouds and extract the nuanced notes in your favourite vape juice blends.

SMOK vapes — puff with a legend

From SMOK’s research lab to Vaper Choice’s shelves, we have a pen vape, pod kit, mod vape and a long roster of tanks, coils and other hardware accessories to ensure you’re always primed for a flavourful and satisfying experience. Whether you prefer the restricted feel of mouth-to-lung vaping or want to blow dense clouds with direct-to-lung vaping, you can find a SMOK vape that is easily customised to your every want.

With compact builds and large battery capacities for extra portability and functional constructions that help prevent your vape from leaking while allowing you to control the airflow, wattage and other settings, our SMOK vapes will quickly become your go-to device whether you’re taking a break at work, blowing clouds at home or going out.

Vape SMOK, vape well at Vaper Choice

Ready to upgrade your vape? SMOK offers a feature-packed range to ensure you can enjoy a lasting and decadent puff. From monochromatic finishes to prismatic colourways, add your favourite to your shopping cart and take advantage of free delivery on all orders over $100. Want to score a vape at a competitive price? Don’t forget to check out our sale items, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us — we’re here to help.


What is SMOK, and what products do they offer?

As one of the world’s leading and oldest innovative vape brands, SMOK has continued to develop sensory-focused vaping products after its launch in 2010. Since then, the brand has continued to be a heavy hitter — from creating easy-to-use starter kits for beginners to advanced mods for connoisseurs and tanks that flawlessly allow you to extract potent flavours and room-filling clouds. 

It’s no wonder they have an 80 million plus-strong following across the world, so if you see someone in public puffing away, it’s likely they’re using a SMOK vape.

What makes SMOK so special?

After SMOK released the world’s first dual-coil cartomiser, SMOK vapes have continued to impress their fans with a diverse product range that caters to every vaping style. From pen vapes that easily slip into your pocket and purse to convenient pod kits and high-powered mod vapes, you will surely find an e-cigarette that matches your needs and preferences. 

With an intuitive operation and high-quality chipsets that allow you to effortlessly change wattage settings, temperature control and other customisable settings, SMOK vapes set the bar for techy vape devices. They’re encased in aesthetically designed casings combining exciting colourways and high-quality materials that ensure they will be your most stylish and practical accessory.

Where can I purchase authentic SMOK vape products in Australia?

With complimentary nationwide shipping on orders over $100, Vaper Choice makes it easy to shop the latest SMOK vape in Australia. You can choose from an expansive range of devices and a huge selection of complementary tanks, pods and coils to ensure you’re always stocked up to blow doughnuts.

Plus, we price-match other physical Aussie vape stores and offer an industry-leading six-month warranty on all products we sell.

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