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DotMod Vape Products

DotMod is a leading vape brand, known specifically for its range of premium, high-end vape mods, tanks and rebuildables. In particular, rebuildables are easy to customise with colourful drip tips and vape accessories to suit a variety of vapes.

DotMod produces high-end vaping hardware that has been designed to meet the needs and advanced requirements of vaping connoisseurs. DotMod premium vapes have their own unique aesthetic, combining a high-quality finish with soft curves to produce devices that are highly sought after. Not only do DotMod vape devices look fantastic, they also have integrated advanced chipsets to provide users with a high wattage output and rapid ramp-up that allows them to be seamlessly used with many different vape tanks.

Here at Vaper Choice, we exclusively source our 100% authentic electronic cigarettes and vaping mods from the best brands in the industry. This includes DotMod, a leading vape brand known for their premium vape mods, tanks, and rebuildables. Their rebuildables in particular are a favourite for those who like to customise their vapes with colourful drip tips and accessories.

DotMod’s high-end vaping hardware is trusted among passionate vapers around the world. With a unique aesthetic, soft curves, and a smooth finish, DotMod Mods offer a vaping experience like no other. We encourage you to browse our range of DotMod atomisers, mods, tanks and other products. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect fit for your budget and vaping preferences.
Premium vape products at accessible prices
We carry a wide range of DotMod’s vapes, including their DotAIO, DotBox, Dual Mech Mod, and Dry Herb Vaporizer. Each has its own unique set of features that vape enthusiasts are sure to love. The Dry Herb Vaporizer, for example, has a 245° Celsius dry herb pod and 4 heat presets to choose from. Or you may prefer the DotAIO, which is designed with a dry burn protection system and four power settings based on coil resistance.

One of the few qualities all of these devices share is that they’re very aesthetically pleasing. They’re available in multiple different colours, including a few limited-edition options. They also pair well with DotMod’s countless accessories, such as their coils, drip tips, tanks, and their fun and colourful DotAIO doors.
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Vaper Choice has gone above and beyond to make our checkout process as secure and straightforward as possible. We also offer fast shipping and a free extended warranty of up to 6 months for your peace of mind. We’re proud to say that this is double the industry standard in Australia.

Have any questions about our e-cigarettes and vaping accessories? Please contact us by emailing [email protected] or by filling out our online form. You can also stop by one of our shops, or call 0414 493 893 for Bankstown or 0420 355 53 for Surry Hills.

If you are looking for a new mod for your e-liquids, be sure to take a look at DotMod’s range of high-quality regulated and mechanical mods to suit you. The range of DotMod products are available in several different colours, including some limited edition options.

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