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DJV Dejavu Vape Products

Dejavu is indeed a Malaysian brand and is known for the E-cigarettes, all the products are present at the competitive price range but come down with an excellent level of quality. That is why multiple users request products from the Dejavu through online channels.

DJV employees devote themselves to superior vape research and development. We are committed to creating E-Cigarettes of superior performance, flavor, and quality. We are providing the best service to all customers.

Vaper Choice is dedicated to providing a wide range of electronic cigarettes and vaping mods for every budget. Our 100% authentic products are sourced exclusively from premium brands like Dejavu. This Malaysian brand is known for designing affordable e-cigarettes that don’t sacrifice an ounce of quality.

Dejavu is one of the most popular brands in Australia, and for good reason. The DJV team is passionate about creating top-of-the-line vape products using only the latest research and technology. Their commitment to creating vapes and vape accessories that excel in performance, flavour and quality just can’t be matched.
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The Dejavu Mod Vape is a revolutionary hybrid device that offers both style and function. Known for its stellar heat dissipation, this portable brass device comes with a gold-plated contact pin, a hybrid 510 thread, and your choice between a magnet or spring switch.

You can pair your DJV Vape with various accessories, including the easy-to-use RDTA rebuildable tank, which can carry 2ml of e-juice. We also offer a sleek Atty dripper, replacement glass tubes and an RDA Dejavu atomiser, which delivers quality flavour and impressive clouds.
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We here at Vaper Choice care about offering a secure, stress-free and enjoyable checkout process. That’s why we offer fast shipping and a free extended warranty of up to 6 months, which is double the industry standard of 3 months here in Australia.

If you have any questions about our products, please email [email protected]

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