Five Pawns E-Juices

Premium now has a new price to make a difference in the lives of more. Five Pawns created a user experience in 2012 that changed everything. In 2018 Five Pawns is looking to bring their molecularly engineered adult flavor blends to even more users. “Now that tobacco harm reduction is being widely and officially recognized, there’s no time like the present to make our products available to an even wider audience. If trying to offset the leading cause of death in this world remains our focus, why not do everything in our power to get our products into the hands of as many as possible?”, says Five Pawns CEO Rodney Jerabek.

Five Pawns plans to do this with a convenient closed tank experience and more favorable pricing and vessel sizes to provide unobstructed access to their highly celebrated lineup. It has taken Five Pawns three years and a significant investment to both protect and perfect their formulas from the molecule up. They embarked on this in order to better understand each individual ingredient, protect their intellectual property, and to no longer be reliant upon anyone else. Economies of scale have been reached, long term supply contracts are now in place, and they’re now looking to pass those saving on to you.

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