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AQUA E-Juices

Aqua vape liquid is the brand child of Marina Vape, and one of the best known in the world among vapers. The company has been going strong since 2014 with a full range of full-bodied, delicious, and high-quality flavours. 

Wide Range of Vape Liquid Flavours

The range of Aqua liquids is merely fantastic. The company has created four major series to appeal to vapers of different tastes. These are: 

  • Fruit series – consisting of Flow, Mist, Oasis, and Pure, these are fruit-flavoured combinations with unique tones such as pineapple, cantaloupe, pears, apples, kiwi, papaya, and even watermelon. The most popular, Pure, is in this range.
  • Fresh Sweets – it consists of Drops, Rush, and Swell versions packed with the flavour of your favourite sweets.
  • Ice Series – Packed with minty ice freshness, these include Mist Ice, Oasis Ice, and Pure Ice. 
  • Tobacco series – this one for the purists, it offers a truly refreshing, full-bodied tobacco and menthol vaping experience.

High-Quality Aqua Vape Liquid

As one of the top brands in the world, Aqua has single-handedly helped raise the standards of vape liquid with its premium range of flavours. It allows you to vape all day without having to worry about bad aftertastes, residue clogging your coils, or any of those problems that trouble us vapers.

If you prefer the salt-based vape liquids, Aqua has got the Aqua Salts line to cover you. These give high strength vapour with a smooth and fuller throat hit for that extra “oomph.”

Buy Aqua Vape Liquid in Australia

Aqua liquid is now available for purchase and delivery in Sydney and throughout all Australia here at the Vaper Choice online store. We stock all the Aqua liquid brands, including Aqua Salts, for every type of vape. 

Do you like a great cigar? An Aqua hit is simply an experience you try if you enjoy the finer things in life. Order your Aqua vape liquid flavour now in our store.

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