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When it comes to a squonker box mod you can really rely on, Vaper Choice is the way to go.

You come to Vaper Choice because you expect the best. You know that in order to get the best experience from your vape, you need products you can rely on, and that give you the peace of mind to enjoy your device wherever you go.

Of course, a squonker box mod is no exception. With this in mind, we are proud to offer a broad range of different squonk mods that give you the enjoyment you crave. Let’s take a look at this in a bit more detail.
What exactly is a squonk vape?
A squonk vape is similar to a traditional box mod, but with a little bit of additional functionality. These box mods feature a vape chip that regulates the flow of juice and vapour. Basically, this gives you everything you need for a straightforward vaping experience.

The squonk box is a little different. It includes a squonk bottle that can be used to push the liquid up into the atomiser tank. This process of pushing liquid up through a small channel into the atomiser is known as “squonking,” and this is the primary difference between this type of mod and a basic mod.

You can also choose regulated or unregulated versions. A regulated version will ensure that the atomiser is filled with the right amount of juice, ensuring no dry hits or damage to coils and other components. You can choose a DIY regulated squonk mod if you would like to add a bit more versatility. An unregulated mod is not recommended for beginners as using the device incorrectly can be dangerous.
The advantages of the squonk 
Want to know more about the advantages the squonk can offer? Take a look.

No dripping or leakage from a separate bottle

Carrying a bottle around can get annoying, especially when the separate bottle component starts to leak and waste juice. As the bottle is built into a squonker device, there is no danger of this.

Extra coil surface area

This kind of mod is great for achieving extra vapour and extra power, simply because there is more room to build a larger coil. This coil has more surface area, providing you with more of the good stuff.

A variety of price points

Whatever your budget and whatever you are looking for, you will find it in our extensive range. Dive in and select what you need.

The Vaper Choice quality guarantee

All of our pieces are of high quality, and you can rely on this. Maximum peace of mind is what we provide.

Ready to get started? Dive into the product range and make your selection.

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