Vape 810 to 510 Drip Tip Adapters

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Vape 810 to 510 Adapter
Are you struggling to use your 810 drip tip without coughing uncontrollably? Do you feel a burning sensation on your lips? After you’ve just bought a new atomiser vape, you probably don’t want to fork out for a new model just because the drip tip is too wide. Fortunately, you don’t need to. You can simply purchase an 810 to 510 adapter.

You can remove and reattach your drip tip adapter whenever you like, meaning you won’t be limited to certain liquids. You’ll still have the ability to use your standard 810 drip tip when you want to exhale huge clouds, but you’ll also have the option of having a chilled out vape using your 810 to 510 adapter. At just $5, we believe our drip tip adapter is one of the best value vaping mods available.
Why You Can Trust Vaper Choice
At Vaper Choice, we stock a wide range of vapes and accessories to suit the tastes of all vapers, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction. If you need any advice, we encourage you to give us a call. We’ll gladly tell you more about flavours, recommend the most suitable vapes, and explain the differences between drip tip sizes.

You can feel confident that our 810 to 510 adapter will fit your vape perfectly. And, if you order it before noon, we’ll ship it to you the very same day. Fancy picking up a new vape pen or trying a few new flavours as well? Spend over $50, and we’ll deliver your products for free.
Order Your Drip Tip Adapter Today
We can have your 810 to 510 adapter delivered within the space of a few days. For your peace of mind, all orders are tracked, and we’ll email the tracking number to you. Alternatively, visit one of our stores in Surry Hills or Bankstown to see our products in person.

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