Atmizoo Tripod RTA Review


Sometimes, finding that one device that will make your vaping experience super magical becomes an insurmountable challenge, or so it seems. Like today’s discussion is orchestrated around the type of gear that might be seen as a bit expensive but is worth the dimes paid for it. 

Atmizoo Tripod RTA

The Atmizoo Tripod RTA has shown all the features that deserve a place in the classic range. The versatility of this high-end gear merits the dedication of a complete discussion. 

Why is everyone hyping this up and why this is something that should be on your to-buy list is exactly what we are going to discuss in this blog post. So, if you were looking for an Atmizoo tripod review, you have landed on the right page.


In the vaping world, looks do matter! So, let us dig deep into this RTA’s design and see how it is doing on that front first. Well, the 22mm tank is one of the most stylish things you will likely come across, especially when you look closely at its ice matte finish. But is that the most distinguishing feature of this tank? Hardly so. 

The assembly of this RTA is very different compared to some of the other tanks popular in the vaping world. You will see that the tank doesn’t use any threads in the top cap or deck section. Instead of relying on the threads, a press-fit mechanism is put in place.

Just give the top cap a bit of spin and wait for the arrows to line up, then pull it off. Oh, the simplicity of it, we love it! The same mechanism governs the release of juice flow control.

Coming towards the drip tip, the 510 drip tip screws into a 510 insert. But of course, you can remove this particular insert and opt for a drip tip of your choice. Your next question is going to be about the stock capacity, undoubtedly. And we can tell you that the RTA is doing pretty good on that front as well. The capacity is around 2mL, but it can be increased to approximately 3.4mL if an extension kit is used.

You might miss the airflow control on the exterior side. The airflow is controlled via inserts that fit in perfectly below your coil. These inserts might drop out and short out the coil, which is why they are held in their place by an O-ring.

It may sound surprising to some of you, but it is fast becoming the preferred method for many vapers since air hits the coil perfectly this way. And that’s all that matters!  

The stainless steel used in making the Atmizoo tripod review is of premium quality, a factor that significantly adds to the tripod’s durability. Flimsy devices don’t work long because they feature inferior quality component material. However, as you have seen so far, you will see in the following lines.

Fortunately, that’s not the case with the Atmizoo tripod. You will come across many MTL RTAs in the market, but you will be challenged to find one as good as this.


Let us switch our focus to the performance of this high-end tank. Some of you can’t help but feel, man, does it work? Well, we understand and feel you because your concerns are legit.

Many expensive tanks of this nature don’t fully deliver on what they promise. The market is flooded with them; you must be on the lookout always. But you don’t have to worry about this in the case of the Atmizoo tripod, for the many reasons we will share with you in the following lines.

Our review of the several other RTAs’ led us to believe that when there is too much experimenting, there is a risk of messing up things. Developing a product with an all-purpose profile often leads to a disastrous situation. But to our surprise, this isn’t the case with the Atmizoo tripod. 

We mean to say, consider the fact that even when the airflow insert is removed, the flavor remains unparalleled, unmatched. Also, we haven’t been able to find a device that has airflow as smooth as this RTA. Quality product describes the tripod brilliantly!  

Tell us something, what kind of vape experience are you expecting from this RTA under the microscope? If your answer is rich, full-bodied, and moderately warm, congratulations. You have found yourself a perfect tank. 

For instance, this is exactly what the users who used Fe-Ca nano coil combined with this tripod. Here, it is pertinent to mention that coil placement is of little significance as far as the Atmizoo RTA tripod is concerned.

A little issue that bugged us, and we thought we would share it with you too. Wicking is usually a straightforward affair, but in the case of the Atmizoo RTA tripod, it is a little more complicated. 

Because of relatively lower amounts of cotton at your disposal, you might face a situation where a gurgle event can happen, and juice may get drawn through the airflow. Dry hits then can’t be ruled out either, since too much choking of the juice can happen too.

One way to counter this problem is by using the juice flow control. However, if you can get your wicking in order, you are promised a vaping experience that you will likely remember for many years.

Final thoughts 

Hopefully, this Atmizoo tripod review helped you look closely at the gear everyone is going gaga for. Of course, minor issues like finicky wicking or O-rings seizing up can happen from time to time. 

But well, these are not the kind of issues that will dampen the brilliance of gear like Atmizoo Tripod RTA. We think that among the high-quality MTL RTAs’, the RTA under discussion will certainly rank very high. On an optimistic note, you learned plenty from this brief; we bid you farewell from this space!