8 Tips for Using a Dry Herb Vapourizer

A dry herb vapourizer offers the user the distinct pleasure of gaining all the nutrients of the herb without the distaste of an after-burn taste and harsh smoke.

Dry herb vapourizers are quite different from concentrate vapourizers, or herb vape pens. These vapes sidestep the concentrate production process and bring you as close as possible to the source of all the enriching composites in your herbs.

The dry herb vapourizer works by conduction or convection; heating the herb at very high temperatures, releasing the active compounds without actually igniting or combusting it. The device is often battery powered with most using double AA batteries that can last for several full sessions.

Dry herb vapes are often the best option for medical cannabis users and others who desire a fast impact, hard-hitting effect in a quick time. They give off very rich flavours and a strong effect.

With dry herb vapes, the herb is introduced into the already charged herb chamber where it is then heated and parsed through the vapour path whenever there is a drag.

There are several options to choose from with the dry herb vapes. Some brands even offer multifunctional vapes that support both dry herb and other substances, such as wax.

Types of Dry Herb Vapes

There are two options to choose from with dry herb vapes. You can choose either of the portable or desktop vaporizers.

Portable Vaporizers: These are simple, smart and easily concealable portable dry herb vape devices. The device uses a proxy heating method; convection heating that ensures that there is no risk of accidental combustion of the herb in the combustion chamber. The portable dry herb atomizers are often the best option for single, on-the-go users.

Desktop Vaporizers: These are rather more bulky and of course can handle a much larger load than the portable dry herb vapes. They are often quite expensive but the cost is made up by their ability to serve a larger group of individuals concurrently. Some desktop vaporizers have multiple whips for two or more friends to vape at the same time.

Tips for Using a Dry Herb Vapourizer

Owning a dry herb vapourizer is one thing, being knowledgeable on how to derive the best value from it is another. To help you on your vaping journey with a dry herb vapourizer, we have listed below, eight of the most useful tips for using this device:

1. Use Fresh Herb Only

I know you might sometimes feel the temptation to use already nature-dried herb, I suggest you resist it. Because already dried herb has lost most of its moisture, it is often not the best choice for herb vapes. High moisture concentration means a richer vapour production and hence a much richer flavour.

The herbs you load into your chamber shouldn’t be too wet or too dry. A good way to test the moisture content of your bud is to touch it. Your weed shouldn’t be wet or moist to the touch, yet it shouldn’t be so dry that you’re able to crush it into a fine powder with your fingers.

2. Ensure your Herb is Ground to the right Consistency

Grinding your herb helps to increase its surface area, allowing the heat to penetrate the plant matter nicely, ensuring an even burn with thick, rich vapour.

To achieve a fine consistency with your herb, it is often ideal to grind with an electric or manual herb grinder. If you do not have any of these, ground as you would usually do but ensure that consistency is maintained; the result isn’t a fine grind nor is it too coarse.

3. Ensure you are running at the right Temperature

For vaping to occur, your herb must be heated to a certain threshold. As a rule of thumb, your ideal vape temperature should be between 180-210°C (356-410°F), but this is not to say you can’t experiment with other settings.

Know that different herbs vapourize at different temperatures, as such you might need to apply a much higher temperature setting to obtain the right burn rate. Note that slight variation in moisture content, the texture of your grind and other factors can influence how well your herb vaporizes.

4. Pack Right

In this case, too tight isn’t so right. Because your herb needs air pockets to burn evenly, a tightly packed herb in the vaping chamber can negatively lower the quality of your experience.

In the same vein, a loosely packed chamber would not generate the right amount of vapour and flavour for a truly enjoyable experience. The key to this is to find a sweet spot where the chamber isn’t too tightly packed nor is it loosely full.

5. Always Pre-heat your Vape

Preheating for a few seconds before introducing your herb is the best approach to getting the right response from your vape. You should know that vapourizers are like ovens; they need some time to get up to temperature.

6. Inhale Slowly and Lightly

Now we are down to the actual vaping. Vaping like smoking requires a certain methodology to fill the right amount in your lungs. You miss it, and you could go up in a coughing fit.

With dry herb vapes, the ideal rule is to inhale slowly and lightly. No unnecessary heavy dragging as this would either accelerate the burn process or cause cold air to be introduced into the vape chamber, extinguishing the product.

7. Avoid Combustion

Take your time to find the right temperature setting for your herb to vaporize evenly without running the risk of combustion. Combustion serves no useful purpose as it only breaks down key chemical bonds, releasing free radicals which are most times toxic and carcinogenic in nature.

As a guide, ensure that your vape isn’t too hot for herb by monitoring the type of vapour it produces. If you sense smoke, then you would need to turn down the heat.

Remember, the most likely reason you’re vaping is to avoid the negative side effects of smoking. Hence, take the time to experiment with different temperatures to find the sweet spot that allows for the best vapour production, without actually burning your herb.

8. Maintain your Vape

The final tip is to always ensure that your vape is in the best shape at all times. Follow the care instructions outlined in the manufacturer’s user guide and make a habit of cleaning the vape regularly as well as replacing damaged parts immediately. Vapourizers can be expensive.

To make sure yours lasts as long as it should, remember to care for/maintain it like you would other pieces of expensive equipment.


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