7 Ways to Stop Your Vape Coils Burning


For vape lovers, the sight of a big white and sweat tasting cloud hits differently. But for many new to the sensation of this satisfaction, there is a spoiler that experts know how to handle, but not everyone understands.


That enigma is the burning taste after one healthy puff of vape that feels like someone has engulfed a bitter pill. The burnt taste not only ruins the mood but also leaves you with a sour taste. So, if you are not delusional or like to test your sense of smell taste and press your pain nerves to their peak, you might want to know what has happened here. 

The burning sensation and the sour taste is caused by the smoke, yes, smoke and not the e-juice coming out of your vape. This has been produced due to the wick and the coil burning. 

It shouldn’t happen. Well, it can, and it is pretty normal given the use method and how you treat your precious vape. There are various reasons why your vape coils might burn, and there are also several ways to prevent it. This article is all about properly taking care of your vape and vape coils. Here are the 7 best strategies to avoid burnt coil and improve your vaping experience.

Let’s start with simple reasons and solutions and gradually move our way up.

Reason 1: Check if your vape is on high power output

High power output and higher wattages give you a thick cloud of vape, but it also burns more e-juice, which should be replenished. But if you are taking puffs at a lower interval, meaning the cotton wick may go dry at a higher rate. This will increase the coil output heat and burn coil itself, leaving you with a burnt taste.

Solution: it should be simple to manage this basic problem, and by now, you have guessed it right, lower the wattages and coil power. The problem should vanish with the successive two or three puffs you will take in. This increased the cotton wick soaking, preventing dry exposure to the coil. 

Reason 2: Never use your vape while it is scorched

Puffing on your vape when it’s empty will undoubtedly expose the coil to additional heat. Take into account that the e-juice also serves as a coolant for the vape coil. When the coil is submerged in liquid, it regulates the coil temperature to a specific limit, keeping it cool. However, if it is empty, the vape coil heats above its practical limit and may entirely burn the coil, which will not go well with your weekend and budget plans. 

Solution: Make sure you’re using enough liquid to keep the coil immersed in your vape. The liquid should be sufficient to completely cover the vape coil and the cotton wick, preventing dry exposure. Much like priming the vape coil, we will go over it in greater detail in the following part.

Reason 3: Less than adequate coil priming

Have you got a new coil? It is generally not adequately primed; thus, using it may not be a bright idea. But what exactly is priming? Priming is just soaking your wick and coil in your favourite E-juice well. It’s similar to marinating something to bring out its flavours. This keeps the coil from overheating and burning the cotton wicks, which causes the burning sensation.

Solution: Before using, always prime your coil and soak it. Allow some time for the juice to be absorbed. Furthermore, since a new coil has been dry for a long time, soaking it provides its flavour saturation and offers a more consistent and thick cloud. 

Reason 4: Put a stop to the chain train

Let’s face it, some of us use vape for recreational purposes, taking a casual inhale here and there. Then there are the ‘intense’ users who use it as a smoke train, puff after puff. This isn’t good for the coil. This allows the coil very little time to recover to its average temperature and replenish enough liquid to cool down.

Solution: Give your coil additional time to heal and regenerate, not long, just 5 to 7 seconds. Allow it to soak in a liquid once again. It is critical to note that even if the vape tank is full of e-juice, it will take time to recover and replenish after a lengthy chain of puffs. 

Reason 5: The less sweat there is, the better it functions

As you may be aware, each e-juice comprises numerous components, one of which is sweeteners and sugars to make it less heavy and complement the flavours. This might be an issue as well. How? The sugars burn and transform into gooey, sticky black matter when exposed to heat. It sticks to your coil, making it thicker and thicker. This enhances the rate at which the vape coil burns.

Solution: switch to better-tasting flavours that are less sweater but provide a bigger punch. There are many alternatives to the sweater version, and they taste even better.

Reason 6: Use good quality e-juice 

Like good gasoline for improved mileage, your vape requires a decent vape with high-quality ingredients. A terrible e-juice from a sketchy company will undoubtedly fry your vape coil, and you will wind up spending more on your coil than you did on the bad quality and cheaper e-juice.

Solution: The higher the quality of your E-juice, the better it will be for your ohm coil. A reputable retailer, like Vaper Choice, provides higher-quality vape juices and services while also saving you money. 

Reason 7: A High VG Vs High PG E-juice 

Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is softer and smoother. However, it is more destructive to your vape coil. This is mainly because the sweating content is higher, and the liquid cooling effect is less since the coil is more exposed to heat. Propylene Glycol can be found in high-flavouring E-juice. It is less thick and greasy, making it better for the coil’s health.

Solution: Use high PG vape juice unless you don’t want a smooth flavour. It will save you a lot of money and your coil.